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Jessica Baldwin, Lewisport, KY

"What a unique concept that I have not come across before. I Have already given my mum and sister the web address for when they want to get there next tattoo! "

Christine Visnesky, Levittown, PA

"I am very pleased with the effort that the designers made to come up with the tattoo that I was looking for. I love the final result and can't wait to get it inked. Thanks! "

Nikkia Dollar, Fort Irwin, CA

"CreateMyTatto is AMAZING! Creating a contest was SUPER easy! I had an idea of what I wanted and why I wanted it... Creating a contest gave me over 35 unique and interesting designs to choose for my next tattoo. Providing feedback to the artist allowed me the open my thinking and for the artists to give me and my friend a tattoo we will cherish! "

Andreas Ellingsen, Vasterbotten, Sweden

"As I’m not good at drawing myself this was just awesome to get my ideas to reality! The whole design came out way better then I’ve ever expected. Thanks for an awesome site and skilled artists! "

Sophie Rudd, London, United Kingdom

"I am thrilled with the designs I've received from CreateMyTattoo - it couldn't have been easier and now I have a totally unique design that was personally created just for me! "

Michael Valenzuela, El Paso, TX

"My tattoo design was extremely important to me and the artists that placed entries really understood my request and provided me with a design of a lifetime...oh wait, that was the intention. Awesome site!!!!!!! "

Marc van de Graaf, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I found CreateMyTattoo to be an excellent way to have my own custom tattoo design completed by some great designers with insight on what's technically possible. And the process was a real treat! "

David Dallaire, Ontario, Canada

"Great site, love the new layout, will use for a third time. The great thing is getting a variety of renditions for what you have in mind-as opposed to a single artist and being able to choose. Because of this, interesting ideas from other artists come to light and can broaden your final design idea. Thanks CreateMyTattoo and the artists too! "

Corinne Johnson, Carmel, IN

"A great opportunity to get a custom tattoo! I was really happy with the interest and the efforts of the artists who submitted designs! "

Julie Hendry, Glasgow, United Kingdom

"Fabulous artists, creativity abounds...loved my design options! "