Miscellaneous Tattoos

Miscellaneous Tattoos

Are you thinking of having a unique, personalized type of ink on your body? Then what you need are miscellaneous tattoos. As the name suggests, these designs do not fit into other categories. These inks are special in such a way that there’s a 99% chance that you are the only one in the world with tattoos of miscellaneous designs. What’s great about miscellaneous tattoos is you don’t have to conform with what others view as good or beautiful. With this ink you get to decide what looks good on you. You don’t have to listen to others’ opinions of your ink design.

Tattoos of miscellaneous styles also give you the freedom to have them on the more unusual parts of your body. For example, you can have them on the back of your calves, or you can have one underneath your chin. You can also make use of weird and unique palettes to make an exceptional design. The possibilities with miscellaneous tattoos are limitless. Your imagination has the first say as to what you can have going on around your body. So if you want to possess exclusive inks that you will not be able to find on other people, then this tattoo is what you need to ask for ASAP.

SBink Ironman Tribal

Sbink Ironman Tribal

Laugh Now Cry Later Masks with Broken Hour Glass

Laugh Now Cry Later Masks With Broken Hour Glass

Polynesian/Maori Lower Arm Tattoo (With Shading)

Polynesian/maori Lower Arm Tattoo (with Shading)

Koi Fish with dark waves

Koi Fish With Dark Waves

Victorian Skeleton Key + Ribbon

Victorian Skeleton Key + Ribbon

Black/Grey Shaded Cross with Rosary, red accents

Black/grey Shaded Cross With Rosary, Red Accents

Koi Fish Half or Quarter Sleeve

Koi Fish Half Or Quarter Sleeve

Gothic and Celtic Tree of Life

Gothic And Celtic Tree Of Life

SBink Tribal Half sleeve

Sbink Tribal Half Sleeve

Butterfly swirl Infinity tattoo

Butterfly Swirl Infinity Tattoo

Abstract Circuitry Computer/Cyber Tattoo

Abstract Circuitry Computer/cyber Tattoo

Infinity symbol made with Strength quote

Infinity Symbol Made With Strength Quote

Egyptian sleeve,

Egyptian Sleeve,

Egptian Sleeve Design

Egptian Sleeve Design

Tree of Life

Tree Of Life

Flock of Birds with Feather

Flock Of Birds With Feather

Smoke and Skulls

Smoke And Skulls

Roman Eagle

Roman Eagle

dandelion puff

Dandelion Puff

Angel with clouds and sunrays

Angel With Clouds And Sunrays



Buddha in Om

Buddha In Om

Skull smoke

Skull Smoke

Tribal Ouroboros Dragon

Tribal Ouroboros Dragon

Bare Twisted Tree

Bare Twisted Tree

feathers and ribbons

Feathers And Ribbons

Filigree Lilly Vine

Filigree Lilly Vine

The Birds -Half Sleeve

The Birds -half Sleeve

Tribal Nautical Star

Tribal Nautical Star

Cross with Clouds and Sunrays Half Sleeve

Cross With Clouds And Sunrays Half Sleeve