Eye Tattoos

Eye Tattoos

Eye tattoos are not as common as other designs, but with their deep symbolism and representations, they have become some of the favorite choices of forward-thinking people. Considered as a sign of protection, tattoos of eyes on your back signify that someone else is watching the people behind you. Great eye tattoos include the normal eye – with the color dependent on your preference. Other styles include Egyptian or tribal-inspired designs. You can also go for a seductive-looking eye with long lashes and beautiful eyebrows. A winking eye is good as well, as it can give your ink admirers a “come hither” look. 

A great thing about tattoos of eyes is that they can be personalized with a few accents here and there. Lashes and eyebrows are the best additions to your ink, but there can be other ornaments that you can supplement it with for best results. Examples include hearts, stars, even spider webs. With the gender-bending design of this type of tattoo, it’s safe to say that it’s suitable for both genders. They can be tattooed on many parts of the body, from the wrist and arms to the chest and the back. The legs and ankles are ideal locations for this ink as well.With the different eye tattoos available, you can have a ‘third’ eye on your body, watching over you wherever you wish to go.

3 Eyes and 2 Horns

3 Eyes And 2 Horns

Hair style

Hair Style

Abstract eye

Abstract Eye

Amulet palm with lotus and eye

Amulet Palm With Lotus And Eye

eye spider

Eye Spider

Abstract eye

Abstract Eye

Crazy Skulls 1/4 sleeve

Crazy Skulls 1/4 Sleeve

Eye of Peony

Eye Of Peony

For the Loved & Lost Cross

For The Loved & Lost Cross

Leafy Feminine Eyeball #1

Leafy Feminine Eyeball #1

Blackwork eye mandala

Blackwork Eye Mandala

SBink Eye of Ra

Sbink Eye Of Ra

The eye of Yin Yang

The Eye Of Yin Yang

Manga eyes blue

Manga Eyes Blue

Radiating eye and Quarter Moon

Radiating Eye And Quarter Moon



skull licking eye

Skull Licking Eye

Beautiful eye

Beautiful Eye

Eye of the Sun God

Eye Of The Sun God



Old School Keys and Envelope

Old School Keys And Envelope



Fiery Eyeball

Fiery Eyeball

Horus sun

Horus Sun

Key to The Soul

Key To The Soul


Mistress Of Night

Rotten carrot

Rotten Carrot

Owl with arrows

Owl With Arrows

Keep an eye out note.

Keep An Eye Out Note.

The Eye

The Eye