Calligraphy Tattoos

Calligraphy Tattoos

Calligraphy Tattoos are word inks designed with special fonts. These inks are perfect for personalization, because you get to choose the word, phrase or sentence that will be drawn on your body.With this type of ink, you present your body as a blank canvas to the artist.  There are many types of fonts for calligraphy tattoos, with styles such as Annabel Script, Baroque Script, Hawaii Lover and Little Bliss, to name only a few. These designs are particularly perfect for romanticized word or sentence tattoos. While they may look girly, the fact of the matter is that men can wear tattoos of calligraphy as well. It’s just a matter of choosing the right words to be tattooed.

One example of a great tattoo that is symbolic in nature is Persian calligraphy. Perfect designs include ornate letterings of sentences “You are my mate, my soul, my love,” or “Do not fear.” There are Chinese calligraphy tattoos available as well. Recommended styles include symbols for Friendly, Harmony, Life, Luck, Prosperity, Love and Dream. There are tattoos of calligraphy in the Japanese language too. Some good designs include Wisdom, Tranquility, Energy, Dream, Destiny, Devotion and Courage.With the many lettering styles available, you don’t have to worry about having the same tattoos of calligraphy as other people, as you are sure to end up with a unique and extraordinary design.

"Faith" Shaded Lettering & Cross Tattoo

"faith" Shaded Lettering & Cross Tattoo

In Loving Memory cross

In Loving Memory Cross

Carpe Diem lettering upward

Carpe Diem Lettering Upward

sisters 3

Sisters 3

Open Bible

Open Bible



Tattoo letter "L"

Tattoo Letter "l"

Carpe Diem lettering downward

Carpe Diem Lettering Downward

Chef's Knife "Mise en Place" Tattoo

Chef's Knife "mise En Place" Tattoo

Quote and Flowers

Quote And Flowers

Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo

Swirling Leaves

Swirling Leaves



"Love" Calligraphy and Swirl Heart Design

"love" Calligraphy And Swirl Heart Design

Modern pinup - Dad

Modern Pinup - Dad

enfinity with birds

Enfinity With Birds

Mom calligraphy Tattoo

Mom Calligraphy Tattoo

Triangular design

Triangular Design

Locura lettering

Locura Lettering

Good Life

Good Life

"Imagine" Script/Calligraphy Lettering Tattoo

"imagine" Script/calligraphy Lettering Tattoo

Taiwan Plum Blossom and Buds

Taiwan Plum Blossom And Buds

Wiccan Prayer Pentacle

Wiccan Prayer Pentacle

"Nothing is Impossible" quote

"nothing Is Impossible" Quote

Faith script

Faith Script

feather pen with flow

Feather Pen With Flow

Three circles in Latin

Three Circles In Latin

Old English K

Old English K



Honesty and loyalty keys

Honesty And Loyalty Keys