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I'm a passionate artist who is on here to help showcase my talent in drawing to help you with the design of your dreams. I have met some awesome people in my life because of my art and it's amazing to me that people value my art the way that they do and think of me like another great artist in a world full of other great artists. It is and always will be a continued passion of mine to show the world how I see things in my eyes. I do everything freehand and I don't use computers to create my designs other then using the images for reference. So when I create your work everything I draw up is customized, no one else will have it! I'm a single parent with 2 kids, and I hope my art can achieve my dreams for them. I had major spinal surgery 3 times in my life so I couldn't continue my skills at tattooing, there are a few people I was lucky to help and do that line of art but now I want to add my designs to the industry and I hope you ask for my assistance in creating that design for you...

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