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I began my career in the tattoo industry in the late 90's when tattoos were just becoming mainstream and people had a great respect for the artist. Being a female in the industry was and still is somewhat taboo despite the fact that it has been scientifically proven that women are more detail oriented than men..(no offense guys). I've been a tattoo artist for 14 years with numerous publications in the US and Europe from working the convention circles promoting female artists. I've done just about anything you can think of but I specialize in the ornate, intricate and delicate beauty of nature and flora. I think of myself as a woman's artist. When I create a design for my client I take all aspects of them into consideration, not just the art itself but their body as a whole canvas. I believe tattoos should accent the body's original beauty, not over-power it, and should flow with the ergonomics of the human structure, stature and even skin tone and texture. My goal is to add to the beauty of the human body one flesh fantasy at a time.

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