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I am a professional tattoo artist. I have been tattooing for 14 plus years. My work is hand drawn . I love any floral design girly design , and have a soft spot for people and their stories of why they are getting a design tattooed. Yet , I also have a dark side and adore dark imagery , skulls , evil teddy bears ect. ect. I fall more into the New School tattoo class, but also love traditional, neo traditional , bio-organic . I have been studying portraits and do not limit myself to any one category. I am a proud mother of a 3 yr old little boy. He is my world and he keeps me focused. Being a full time artist and mother is my dream and I Love it! I will enjoy every second of designing your idea. I also have three flash sets published through Tattoo Johnny . Some designs from my flash I have also put up here for Create My Tattoo. Note: I am happy to make any small changes to a design you have picked that I have drawn after contest close. I am also very available for personal/private hire here @ CMT and my rates are very fair. Also know , that your tattoo artist actually tattooing the design can make small tweaks so the design will flow and work with your body. As an artist myself , I love to add my own personal touches to make a design just perfect on skin when tattooing the design. We are all finger prints and every body and skin type is differnt . We all curve and move through this world differntly. I can't wait to make you even more original.

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