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I am a life long artist, with a BA in fine art and elementary teacher cert. I draw all my designs by hand, then color them in paint or color pencils, and then I refine and finish up on my computer. Because I do commission artworks and paintings beyond this site, my time is limited and so I pick my contests carefully. I try to reply to all invitations, but I usually only enter those that offer $100 or more due to the time and materials I invest in each design. I will always work closely with you in order to bring your personal vision to life, however, you also need to give me feedback, good or bad, to help me get your design drawn just right. All of my designs are original and drawn by hand, created in partnership with the contest holder. To see more of my work, please visit my website, or search Sandra Taylor Gale or EverIris on the Web. Good luck with your contests~ You dream it... I will draw it.

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