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If you invite me to your contest take into consideration that the style I draw in is not in the usual cookie cutter style of tattoo designs that you would usually come across in a tattoo parlor. I strive to design something that is unique and one of a kind! So that only YOU have that design on YOUR body! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drawing is my passion! I freelance, mostly, and just draw whenever I am able to! I aim to draw outside the box, and not stick to the same old design of things! I draw either by hand, on paper, with a pencil! Or draw it up on the computer with a Wacom tablet! Or a combination of both! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I DO NOT, and will NOT EVER use any gimmicky Photoshop filters! No tracing here! Such a thing is an insult to the real artist on this site that tend to draw free hand! Believe me, it IS easy to tell when it's a filter! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While stars are nice, they really don't tell me much besides letting me know you do like it. Please, leave a comment! A critique! Let me know how I am doing so I can create something that you will truly love! In other words. Stars are meaningless unless they are accompanied by a concise critique made by YOU. YOU are the one who will have this on you forever, so YOU should be the one to let us artist know exactly what YOU want! Let us know if we are going in the right direction, the wrong the direction, the everything direction..THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO US --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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