Copyright Policy

At CreateMyTattoo we take the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of our artists and clients very seriously.  Our commitment to our community is to take every measure possible to ensure their IP is protected and not used unlawfully.  Any artist or client found abusing this policy will be removed from the community and will face legal repercussions. 


How does CreateMyTattoo protect the IP of the artists and clients?

We believe that the artist's and client's IP should be property protected.  As a result we have implemented several features to ensure that IP is not illegally stolen from our site.  We provide the following services to assist in this:

  1. We digitally watermark all tattoo entries
  2. Design Stencils are not displayed
  3. Only lower resolution images are shown
  4. We provide an easy straight forward means of reporting violations
  5. We provide the community with the tools to help enforce our policy
  6. We provide proper legal agreements for the transfer of IP between clients and artists

How do I report an infringement?

If you see an artist that has posted a clear copyright violation without your permission, you can start by sending that artist a private message politely asking them to remove the design.

CreatMyTattoo does not permit this type of communication the comment section of a contest.  Comments of this nature will NOT be tolerated and immediately removed.

How do I request a copyright violation be formally removed?

To file a removal request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) you must be the holder of the copyrights to the design in question.    There are no exceptions to this rule and false accusations will not be tolerated.  You can be held liable for any false accusations and claims.

The holder of the copyrights must submit the following form in writing via fax or snail mail.  Once we receive the request we will properly investigate the claims and take the appropriate actions.   Typical actions include the removal of the design and the suspension of the artists violating our policy.

Click here to download the Copyright Infringement Form: Intellectual_Property_Infringement_Notice

What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (USA)? 

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act clearly defines the guidelines for the protection of intellectual property to include Online Copyright.  For more detailed explanation of this act please see the following resource:

U.S. Copyright Office