tummy tuck scar lilacs | Colour #83807

tummy tuck scar lilacs

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tummy tuck scar lilacs - Colour
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tummy tuck scar lilacs - Love, Strength of Motherhood


February 22 2013 7:20pm


Bless him thank you Robin :) If you can't end it then we have to wait ;) Anyway if you want me to add a few extra flowers then if you add circles the areas where you want them if you have means too. I can add them in for you

Octavia :)
rmbarn     Contest Holder
February 22 2013 5:51pm


ive decided that i want your tattoo! i am trying to figure out how to end the contest now, but it is saying i'm stuck at 5 more days!! I love the whole thing. I love the colors. i may have you tweak it when i have the pattern to be put on my skin, based on needing a few more blooms if my scar needs it.. you hit the nail on the head here my husband immediately said "that one"! Thank you for the beautiful work
February 20 2013 8:58pm

Okay Robin thank you for letting me Know

You can always take your time to deeded especilally as this is going onto your skin ;) nothing is set in stone just remember that a drawing. As my design is complete, don't forget colours can be changed by the tattoo artist and enhanced in other ways when he puts the design onto the skin. SO if there is one design you are leaning on more then that is the one your heart desires and go with your gut.

You've already decided on which one so go with that. After the competition ends the chosen artist can tweak his or her design and that is fine with the rules.

Thank you so much for writing to me and complementing me, I at least now that I have a new design for my portfolio and to sell on my website.

Warm Regards

rmbarn     Contest Holder
February 20 2013 8:03pm

love is the key

your design is beautiful.. it definitely touches me.. i'm smiling. I have had several absolutely beautiful designs submitted, so i am extending the contest because i am simply having a tough time deciding. I can tell you yours is in my top 3...maybe 2... thank you so much for taking the time.

February 19 2013 8:51pm

Lilac Love

Submitted design #83807

Just put the finishing touches to your tattoo, I'm sorry I didn't ask you at each stage whether you would like it, I just had a feeling o this one, so I just went with it.

I hope you like and thank you for your invite X

February 19 2013 7:07am

Love is the Key here

Submitted design #83695

I have been working on your tattoo design today trying to get a flow to this piece to really enhance your idea, I decided to opt for a symmetrical design as I felt this worked well and created a lovely balance, plus it enables me to really focus on the detail on the one side to really make it come to life. In the middle of the design you can see a swirl which mirrors and works as a heart. I really loved this because when you put your hands either side they also create the heart and adds a lot of loving feeling.

so far this is just the lining in, and tomorrow I will add some colours

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