Tree/Root themed tattoo

Tree/Root themed tattoo





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Tree/Root themed tattoo - tree
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Tree/Root themed tattoo - Tattoo design


King_relo    Contest Holder
September 5 2018 5:35pm

Response to Tessakeh97

Thanks Tessakeh97 for the question. You’re actually the first person that’s been able to describe what the scribe/language in the example may mean. After doing a search, it appears runes language is the closest I’ve seen to the tattoo. I’m quite sure what the current example says but in an effort to make it my own if we still with the runes lanaguage is like something that symbolize I think therefore I am or that vibe. In the case that you have another cool design that can replace the runes language that gives that same vibe I’m open to that too. Thanks.
September 5 2018 12:05pm


Just to clarify, are you still wanting some type of language/runes at the bottom, or something completely different? If you do want something like the example what dyou want the meaning to be?
King_relo    Contest Holder
September 4 2018 1:06pm


Thanks for the feedback, Sanctum. This is my first tattoo so wasn’t sure how this particular idea should be priced but did leverage the suggested price given by the websites tool when creating the contest.
September 4 2018 5:20am


The winnings are a bit low for a design this size
King_relo    Contest Holder
August 30 2018 3:50pm


In an effort to be a bit more clear. I’d like a design basically replicating the idea of the design in the example image provided. However in the version that I hope the winning designer of the contest can help with would be to provide a design that provides a creative spin on the roots of the tree thats different from the way it currently is. Apologies if that’s still vague but I’m open to ideas as i don’t have a concrete idea of how best to change the roots part of this design to make it my own.
August 30 2018 3:02pm


Did you want just the bottom half of the tree with roots trickling down ...I need a little more info from you as to how you want it...just anything a bit more descriptive..thanks
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