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Tree of life labyrinth

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tree of life

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Tree of life labyrinth - tree of life (revamp)
Tree of life labyrinth - tree of life (revamp)
Tree of life labyrinth - tree of life


January 3 2013 11:21am

hello friends

Submitted design #74419

i changed the design a bit again to make the roots more.....rooty. i started shading them but wasnt sure if i liked them shaded. i think it will take away from the tree being the focal point. i can add more nodes to make the roots more fibrous and maybe thicker lines. let me know what you think.
December 31 2012 11:44am

tree of life eucalyptus

Submitted design #73959

i went by the tree you wanted and made it so the roots go on forever in a cycle. let me know what you think and ill finish it up.
December 30 2012 9:48pm


Ill have to get something a bit different together but will submit again.
Cjtsinger     Contest Holder
December 30 2012 7:43pm

Thanks for the submssion

Thanks so much! I really really like your drawing style, which is why I gave the drawing 4 stars. I was thinking though of a different type of tree. I'm in Australia and my fiancee is australian so I was thinking maybe some sort of Aussie native tree. i'll post a link below of what I've been looking at. But if you think it won't look great in a design, the type of tree i want is a more standard archetypal tree. Thicker trunk, straight, with leaves that look "umbrella" shaped. Sorry for the shit description lol

As far as the roots. I think I want the tree to be the centerpiece of the labyrinth, so that it's also the centerpiece of the tat. Maybe forming a square around the tree to outline it and give it it's own "environment" and then it can go from there. And I think I would like it to stay square shaped.

I really like your idea of entangled roots, but in the tat it looks like a dead end you know? if there was a way to keep your idea, but still make it so that if you followed it with your finger you'd never find a dead end. That would be awesome.

Thanks so much. I hope you resubmit, because your drawing style is awesome!!!,r:94,s:100,i:286
December 30 2012 3:11pm

let me know what u think

Submitted design #73819

liked your idea so i started throwing this together. some roots go into each other to represent entangled lives. i used an acacia tree cause the oldest legend is african and that would have been the kind of tree it sprang from. let me know what u think if u want changes or anything.
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