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Trash Polka Star Wars Tattoo

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Star Wars Trash Polka

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Trash Polka Star Wars Tattoo - Star Wars Trash Polka
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Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 11:47pm

I sent you an offer for private hire for an additional $30

I also attached the pic there and updated the size to be 20cmX18cm. Hopefully can fit.
Once you accept, I will also announce you the winner of this contest and we can take it from there.
THanks Tinker! :)
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 10:32pm

slightly updated - but you can play with it

added karate kid - sound of music - johnny 5

You can either make it a quarter sleeve going around arm or extending from upper arm back to shoulder... either way, my tattoo artist will manage to fit and adjust things in...
Fell free to play with it a bit and add your own creativity...
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 10:18pm

I will send you in an hour an updated pic i made for you to get an idea

Will also make the prize 70
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 10:15pm


I cant go longer but maybe wider so it goes around the arm and upper bicep but i do not want it showing beneath my short sleeved t shirts.
June 16 2016 4:50pm

Private competition you mean?

I will do that. I think it will look cool. Would you consider going larger? Thats a lot of elements for the area.
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 6:56am

Will you be able to work and finish this based on the below guide if I make Prize $70

Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 3:22am

You are the winner

Dear Tinker, I have decided to give you the competition since I loved your detail in the original drawing but please help me finish my idea based on all my below comments. Also see an example of what I made creating your drawing and my additional ideas. Can you please work on this to do something along these lines. I think it will look amazing! Please confirm you will work on this and I will increase the prize money too by 20.
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 1:50am

some more help with deathstar and doc brown tower

Here it is...if you can combine the two into one item would be fantastic.

Love it that Yoda is in the place of ET.Since the quote of Do. or Do not. There is no try. is yodas so this way we put him in the tattoo too.
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 1:46am

Clocktower - Deathstar - ET

Also see if you can put the clocktower from back to the future like sample image... you can see doc brown's silhuette inside so you can see if this works better than his face. This could go on the top of the tattoo in the place of the xwing/tiefighter which can be moved or made smaller.
Also perhaps the clock tower can be half clock (like image) and half deathstar!!!! That would be cool!

And if you can fit ET's silhuette in the Bicycle in the image then I will close this competition now and add another $20 to prize!!!
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 1:39am

88 mph image

I love this just the way it is... The flux capacitor symbol is also in here
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 1:38am

Doc Brown Face

Use only face as example - not words
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 16 2016 1:37am

Final Amendments

1) Can you also add the symbol of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the future...maybe to the right of the cross and opposite the empire symbol.
2) Add the Delorean from Back to the future and Marty McFly looking at watch
3) Add Doc Brown's face
4) Add 88MPH

If you can add any other elements from Sound of Music and Maria's silhuette with some music notes would be great but not sure myself how that coulf fit so that is optional.

I will attach example images.
Nikolas_cy     Contest Holder
June 14 2016 11:33pm

Tinker Feedback

I like where this is going...
Not sure the X-Wing should be so prominent...perhaps fade it off a bit and add just hints of it like my sample image... Also if we could make it half X-Wing poinitng to the left (like now) and Half Tie fighter poinitng to the right)...
Also, to the right of Darth Vader, after the red text ribbon, would love it if we could add a shaded face of a storm trooper turned slightly to the side....
Good work so far!
June 14 2016 9:04pm

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