Things I like, super hero, star wars etc | submission #273955

Things I like, super hero, star wars etc

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Things I like, super hero, star wars etc - version 2
Things I like, super hero, star wars etc - submission
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Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 25 2016 7:29am


Emailed you back
August 25 2016 12:18am

No problem

It's completely understandable.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 9:09pm

Sorry if

Sorry if I'm being a pain just want it all right before I decide to get this on my arm :)
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 9:07pm


It's hard to explain online I guess. Is it possible to brighten the edges(the dark shadow parts)so it shows more brick like the rest but obviously still a little darker than the lit up part but leaving all the same as in the first upload?
Keep the original though just in case it doesn't look right.
Your looking like the likely winner I think
August 24 2016 8:58pm


That's the problem with 2D images. The fading would be on the sides. If the guy turned his arm a bit you'd see it on each side. You said you wanted faded sides, so I redid the sides -- that's why it looks a but different. If you choose me as a winner, I will give you whichever design you prefer.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 8:44pm

Hi again

Because after looking at the on the arm pic the dark sides look very dark on the arm and maybe would look better lighter on the edges showing more brick through and less shade ? Or is it just how it looks in the arm photo?
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 8:30pm

Got your email

Hi got your email, the design you uploaded here doesn't have the edges like the one you sent to me.
I prefer this one pretty much like in this photo if that's alright?
I'm just gonna get them to fade the edges out.
My dad in law has a tattoo in the same place and they've done it to his which was from a photo he brought in and it looks good.

So not a wrap around I don't think.
But thanks for the alterations anyway but I like the first submission you made best.
August 24 2016 5:01pm

This is

Until the contest is over, this is the best method of contact. The artists and contest holders aren't supposed to have contact outside of the site. Of course, the artists shouldn't just clip-and-paste and should actually draw their entries, too, but that doesn't happen with some people, either.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 2:59pm

Emailed you back

Is this or email your preferred contact?
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 12:55pm

Email address

My address is Tonesiphone86 at gmail dot com
Had to write it like this as it wouldn't let me post it.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 12:54pm

Not showing

It's not showing for some reason can you email it me?
August 24 2016 12:33pm


The second design is the wrap around design. Like you're looking through a broken wall of skin into a dark alleyway or something. I put the image of it on an arm as an attachment on this private discussion page.

I'll attach it again to this message.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 24 2016 11:57am


Hi I don't see a pic with it on an arm?
Is the second design the wrap around design?
August 24 2016 10:20am

Another version

I uploaded the other version. And here's a picture of what it'd look like on an arm:
August 24 2016 10:19am

No Subject

Submitted design #274172

Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 23 2016 11:29am

Ok thanks

Sounds good
August 23 2016 11:03am


They'll all be on one side, just like pictured. The idea I have for the wrap-around takes care of the edges and gives a top/bottom completion, too, so it doesn't look odd. I'll show you a picture of one on a guy for reference, as well.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 23 2016 10:39am

Yeah thanks

Yeah I do want it on my arm it was hard to judge really sizing wise online etc, yeah the wrap around sounds good as long as you can see the main part with the logos all on one area of the arm as in you don't need to turn your arm to see the full effect.
Sounds good, keep this design also though thanks
August 23 2016 10:24am

Glad you like it

It's 5 wide x 6 tall (I went a bit wider, since people's arms tend to have a larger circumference than they think they do). If you do want it on your arm, I have a good idea to do a wrap-around just at the top and leave the rest as it is. I'll do a version of that and have it up to you late tonight or tomorrow. If you don't want the wrap-around, the edges would probably just be ghosted out by the tattooist. Also, it can be resized. It can be a bit smaller without losing any detail, but if you get to 3-4 inches tall, it would have to be reworked.

Not familiar how are you are with tattoos, so if this is old knowledge, just ignore this last bit: Tattoos can always be sized up but cannot always be sized down. Tattoo designs aren't just drawings. The needle has an actual size that has to be taken into account, as well as how well a design will age. While there are some tattooists who specialize in very fine detailwork and small needles, the vast majority (like 95%) do not. There is usually some leeway to make any given design smaller, but going too small requires a complete re-working since it has to be re-drawn and a lot of details changed or completely removed.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 23 2016 10:09am

Forgot I mention

Forgot to mention is this oversized so we can make it smaller if need be ?
Not 100% on sizing and exact placement yet.
Spurs86     Contest Holder
August 23 2016 9:57am

Looks amazing

Hi this looks amazing your very talented.
It's between yours and one other artists design I think.
Yours makes me wonder how they would do the darker edges as it's my first tattoo and I've no idea.
Believe it or not I don't think it needs any changes.
Love it.
August 22 2016 9:02pm

No Subject

Submitted design #273955

Hi! Managed to get the time to do a submission.

If you'd like changes, just let me know. Replying here instead of the public area sends me notifications of your reply & keeps them private. I'll be away from the computer most of tomorrow, but will have time to make changes before the end of your contest.

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