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the Game of Life

Designs by: UmbraLyra


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game of life concept 4

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the Game of Life - game of life concept 6
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the Game of Life - game of life concept 4
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the Game of Life - Game of Life Concept


Philliebrat     Contest Holder
July 29 2015 5:55am

hey hey

please make the chess board faintly in the background the only reason I want to see it and barely is because it is going to be difficult to see the chess pieces so I wanted the background to make it all come together it doesn't even have to be squared like it is but faint in the background maybe even katty cornered
July 28 2015 10:46pm


Submitted design #217430

Is this what you were meaning with the background? Also, when I send the design, I'll also be sending a stencil. All the artist has to do is use the stencil to trace the design wherever you want the tattoo.
Philliebrat     Contest Holder
July 28 2015 9:24pm


you do great work. the chessboard any chance instead of gray it is faint in the background and black question for you. how hard is it going to be for me to get this tattoo done with someone who didn't draw it?
July 28 2015 9:03pm


Just a quick side note, I accidentally turned of the multiply on the shadow in the last version, so the actual design will be a bit more pronounced on the darker squares.
July 28 2015 8:56pm

faded background

Submitted design #217420

Let me know if the fading is at a decent level.
Philliebrat     Contest Holder
July 28 2015 5:23pm

I love it!

One last thing. if you could make the chess board in the background faint. I want the entire thing black and white like you have it but the lips because of their color is what will pop. the background too black. make sense? I hope I am not confusing you. if you have any ideas that could enhance I would love to see it
July 28 2015 4:45pm

bold symbols

Submitted design #217390

here's a version with the symbols a bit bolder.
July 28 2015 1:21pm

Pearl Chess Symbols

Also, I can easily make the symbols on the pearls pop out more. You'll just be losing a bit of the shading.
July 28 2015 1:19pm

Pink Lips Concept

Submitted design #217350

Here's the pink lip version. I put in a basic chessboard pattern in the back. If you don't like it I can easily remove it.
Philliebrat     Contest Holder
July 28 2015 6:12am

I love it

unfortunately the chess pieces will be harder to see. any chance faintly in the background a chess bring it all together. doesn't have to be square. the lips maybe sexier, fuller and she biting down on her bottom lip which would hold the clasp. maybe the lips hot pink? that will do it.
July 28 2015 1:52am

Concept Design

Submitted design #217247

Here's my rework of the initial design. Let me know what you think.
Philliebrat     Contest Holder
July 27 2015 8:35pm


looks great! is there a way to make the pearl longer and closer together. like maybe biting down on the clasp that way the pearls are dangling. .
July 27 2015 4:50pm

Design Concept

Submitted design #217184

Here's my interpretation of the design you requested. Let me know what you think.
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