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Tattoo incorporating body mod

Designs by: Carmenia


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Tattoo incorporating body mod - Colours
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Tattoo incorporating body mod - KOI
Tattoo incorporating body mod - KOI 2
Tattoo incorporating body mod - Koi Mod


nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 26 2011 3:22am


Thanks perfect, thanks a mill and all the trouble
July 25 2011 9:20pm


Submitted design #19125

Like so?
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 25 2011 2:00pm

RE: colors

H there,
ys, best show then tell :)
here's the orange and black - just a bit more more black on it's' forehead'?
gold one -
I'd give pics of mine but cannot get a OK shot, those are closest
July 24 2011 4:36pm


So the butterfly fish should be the colours of the bottom one (orange black and white)? And the normal one, a gold colour? koi&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=511l3119l0l3334l18l13l3l0l0l0l221l1080l4.5.1l10&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi Like one of these?
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 24 2011 3:51pm


the butterfly should be the bottom one, it's one orange and black... gold one is nornal type. sorry :)
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 24 2011 3:47pm

RE: colors

that'd be great! thanks :)
July 24 2011 3:45pm


Submitted design #19003

Here you go!
July 24 2011 3:15pm


:) I may change one of the koi on the design to a butterfly koi!

Ill also change the colours the ones that you have, so I dont stick to just the orange, black, and white.

The new colouring will take awhile, but I will try to make it within the hour.!
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 24 2011 3:11pm

Re: edit

Love it! yes, the color will change, i have 6 koi, ranging from orange and black to full silver and gold metalic. one butterfly koi- orange body, black along spine and fin and mosly orange with black stripes bottom fins, 2 fully metalic: gold - richer gold on top of head and along the spine,light gold fins; silver - richer around the head, lighter silver body and fins, black and orange one - tiger type along the spine, orange body and mostly black spine fin, next is with silver body, black and gold from head and to the tail, 2nd last is silver body , yellow dot on the head and yellow and back along the spine, whitish fins and a green one - rich green like the lilies along the head to tail, yellowie closer to belly lol see is ny coloring will work?

That link partial would be the amount of details and shading id like
July 24 2011 2:41pm


Submitted design #18999

Like this?

Also, how much detail do you want? I tweaked the shading a bit and added highlights. :) Just curious as to how much detail you want, I can add a lot more to the colouring on the koi, if you wish!

This is with more detail,
( )

the shading is different than the above. It gives it a more paintery look. What do you think?
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 24 2011 8:09am


had a quick brain storm :)
what if the second koi moved to 3rd mod and middle and top rock flipped and add a lily to the othe pad? do you think if there is any space to fit 3rd koi in the middle, like as in swimming up to surface? can be smaller than other 2?
nTaXa     Contest Holder
July 24 2011 7:42am

re: Keishinkae

That looks great, pretty happy with it proportion wise and cannot think of anything right now that needed a change.
Thanks :)
July 23 2011 11:20pm


Submitted design #18958

How's this? Put in a bit of colour...the greens on the lilypads, the lily flower, and the kois.

The bigger stones would be where your mods are. :) All aspects of this design can easily be moved around, if you wanted!
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