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December 16 2018 10:09am


That sounds good.

I'm doing a terrible job of explaining what I want. The hummingbird alone is great and if I don't find anything I like for the scene around him I'll just do that by itself. In my mind if he is just alone he feels a bit stranded and searching as opposed to hanging out in his environment. In this steampunk world he lives in I see metal flowers and great big steam pipes with valves and pressure gauges and giant cogs and wheels turning. He would live there but he would also need to escape to a more quiet place among the flowers where the world was not so intense. I'm trying to see that world. What I've received so far from entries are either one thing that seems too small or so much that it feel like the hummingbird would be lost. I've made a appointment for the hummingbird and will likely look at this as at least two sessions so I'm not in any hurry. I decided last year to make December tattoo month so I do want to follow through with that but if the scene comes together later that is fine.
December 16 2018 1:58am


Hi there I have another concept...While doing my degree I made metal and wire flowers to draw. They where part of a fabric/ wall paper repeat and had a humming bird in the mix....I will look back at these and do some flowers for this guy.
December 6 2018 1:43pm

To go

Submitted design #362745

December 6 2018 1:01pm

And flowers

Submitted design #362744

December 5 2018 12:30pm

Mechanical hand

Submitted design #362678

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December 4 2018 10:54am


I've used this site three times now and this is the only time I've had an issue. It seems to work fine on mobile devices like my phone but as a website on running on a regular desktop something is wrong. I've tried two different browsers and have the same issue.

Clearly it still working for my purposes but in the past I've enjoyed going through and inviting artists that I was drawn to. Overall it is fine and eventually I'm sure they will figure out what is going on and fix it.
December 4 2018 10:40am

Thank you

It is always good ( even if it is bad news ) to hear how things like this site work from the clients side....????
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December 4 2018 9:54am

Reply The Hand

I most certainly remember that it is your design :)

I was glad to see you enter something. I would have invited you but the site seems to be broken. Everything is a bit wonky and when I click on the artists tab I can only see the first page and there is no way to click through. I tried to find a "contact us" link to report the issues but I gave up looking.

I like this idea a lot. Now that I have a different perspective on it I like it even more. Feel free to keep the ideas coming :) and thanks for entering
December 4 2018 8:45am

The hand

I started with feeding the bird but the birds angle and narrowness of besign it was about letting him go free....fingers slightly curled as if hand has just has sat him on his journey. ......just trying something diffrent. Not sure if you realise but this little guy was mine....
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December 4 2018 8:03am


Good Morning

I am intrigued by this but I'm curious what your thoughts are behind it. Is the hand reaching up to try and catch the bird or is it reach up to give him a place to land. This is different than what I had in my head but honestly I'm just trying to find something unique to work with your hummingbird design.
December 3 2018 4:07pm

Addition IDEA...

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