Sleeve Filled with Open Spaces | Subtle japanese style #229919

Sleeve Filled with Open Spaces

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Subtle japanese style

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Sleeve Filled with Open Spaces - Subtle japanese style


Juanito     Contest Holder
October 9 2015 4:50pm


This tattoo is close to what I want in terms of spacing. With more colour.
But out of all the tattoos i posted this one would be the closest to the one i want.
Juanito     Contest Holder
October 9 2015 4:48pm


Here is what i was thinking of with the female form, instead of trees from this pic she could be emerging from the mist
Juanito     Contest Holder
October 9 2015 4:47pm


Hello again.

Here are a few more ides going around my head, but first I wanted to thank you again for reading what i put up and put it into art. Because you took the time and effort to do it, and you came up with a completely different perspective which is a great talent. I have had submissions from people who hadnt read my post. So i thank you for that.

in the original post I was thinking of two themes blending together. Im also thinking of thinking of the two themes continuous but with the negative emotion underneath, trying to hide it. With the positive emotion on top and that would be the pieces with the negative/ open space, and the negative emotion would be the one with more filling and substance. the two are in conflict contradicting each other.

And that underneath negative emotion would be like a mist, swirl or water, As I said before the female more is not a must. But if you are putting it in, she could be coming out from the mist. With her silhoutte going from the ankles to the head, but no distinct facial features, The alluring exotic curves of a love lost or not yet found. In my head i didn't want that to be a large part of the tattoo, maybe a couple of inches long. We can see what it looks like.

Also the inclusion of a white lilly. I was thinking of getting that down the line in another tattoo but if it can work in this one. I had a sister who passed away last year and that was her favourite flower. Im still undecided whether to get it, but if it can work. Here is a pic, but with more white

I was also thinking small flowers too, like cheery blossoms. Purple and Red maybe.

Hope this helps.
Juanito     Contest Holder
October 9 2015 2:31pm


Hi Phreshink.

It's excellent art work my friend, but not what I had in mind. I was afraid of having too much going on and over the course of the contest I have toned down a few ideas. I've no phone at the minute but in a few hours I could send you a few pics and more info if you are interested.

I really appreciate the submission, as I said it's not what I had in mind but it is excellent work.


October 9 2015 11:25am


Submitted design #229919

Hi, so you have mentioned quite alot of very different elements to fit into one tattoo. As a tattoo artist i always try to show people that designs only work well when they are a bit more simplified and bold without losing details.This makes for a long lasting, strong design that will hold up well over the course of time. Lots of different themes dont tie in well together and usually make for better individual tattoos. I specialise in japanese imagery and have tried to represent your wishes as well as i could with this design. I hope you like it.
Thanks for looking
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