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Sissy slave tattoo

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Sissy Slave

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Sissy slave - FINAL
Sissy slave - Sissy Slave
Sissy slave - Sissy Slave


June 25 2012 3:54am


Submitted design #45722

A little rushed, but I hope it still tickles your fancy.
Thanks for this oppurtunity and if I don't see you again, happy tattooing!
Love && Respect~
June 18 2012 2:46pm


Thanks for the feedback. Your design is sooo much fun. Like, I'm a switch so I tend not to wear frilly lacey girly things, but this is alot of fun. haha. Alright, I'm planning on maybe 2 more designs before the end. Talk to you soon!
Sissytrisha     Contest Holder
June 14 2012 8:30am


Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I didn't get home til late and i wanted to talk to Mistress before commenting further. She loves the design! Okay, you are right about slut. I like how you added it, but it really does need to be separate. I also like the bow and ribbon the way it was originally, well the other side like we said. I really like the coloring you have. The other thing about this one is that the cuffs had to be sacrificed to get the slut stamp in and i really want the handcuffs. I like what you had planned for them!
June 13 2012 11:40pm


Submitted design #44091

So this is the design with "SLUT" literally stamped on. All pastel colors, very girly. Lemme know what you think. :)
June 13 2012 2:41pm


I think "slut" would detract, but it's a simple design with alot of time left, so I'll do another one for you, let you and your master decide. I agree with the ribbon, I'll make that change. The handcuffs I was thinking of making pink and fluffy or red. the heart will be pink and the lace I was thinking of just making white (although, as a tattoo artist, I am the first one to warn against white since it needs constant touch ups and flakes off completely a good majority of the time). So, with that in my mind, I might do the lace blue or purple. I haven't decided how I'll make the word pop, but I'll figure something out. :)
Best Regards and Thank you!
**Maybe I could design a seperate tattoo to go on the other thigh that says slut and somehow interacts with the other design. Lemme know!**
Sissytrisha     Contest Holder
June 13 2012 8:26am

Rough sketch

Wow, i really like this! The collar is a nice touch and yes, i am collared. I also like the ribbon, but i think i would want it on the other side so it does not end up sort of hidden between my legs. The only change i think would be to have the handcuffs look more like traditional cuffs, but then this is just a sketch so maybe i am getting picky!. Can you give me an overview on what you have in mind for colors? i want to make sure that the sissy slave "pops" out. Originally we were going to go with sissy slut slave (mainly because i dress like a slut a good part of the time). i wonder if you would venture an opinion on if that would add or detract? i do not want to change this basic design, but wonder how you might add to it to incorporate "slut". Certainly no hard feelings if you choose to not comment!!!
June 12 2012 11:00pm

Rough Sketch

Submitted design #43907

This is very roughly what's in my mind for your design. I will, of course, add detail and color and spruce up the lines, but this is merely for placement and general ideas. Let me know what you want to see added/subtracted! Thanks for this oppurtunity!

PS: Congratulations on finally getting inked! This must be a big step for you. ^^ I made the "a" a collar, but I wanted to ask if you're into being collared since I have met some subs who weren't. Thanks again!
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