Simplified Coatlicue - Round Design Tattoo | Simplified Coatlicue, shaded #22055

Simplified Coatlicue - Round Design Tattoo

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Entry : #22055

Simplified Coatlicue, shaded

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Simplified Coatlicue - Round Design - Simplified Coatlicue, shaded
Winning Entry
Simplified Coatlicue - Round Design - Simplified Coatlicue, lineart
Simplified Coatlicue - Round Design - Simplified Coatlicue, lineart


itzli     Contest Holder
September 5 2011 2:04am


That sounds fine to me , I'm in no rush. Ill mark the selection now. My email is # for reference, if you need it. Thank you for working with me on this. So far there has been nothing but good feedback and I'm looking forward to the final product. Thanks!
September 4 2011 10:02pm


I am out of town currently, so it is a bit hard for me to make the adjustments within the next hour, but I could definitely play around with the shape of the hearts when I get home in 2-3 days and have the chance to properly scan the design.

As far as the snakes go~ In my initial sketch, I drew them as they appear in the statues/carvings, but the design was not circular enough, so I stylized them a bit for the sake of a more fluid design. If you insist however, I can adjust them to be more accurate to the statues and submit the final drawing should you choose my design.

itzli     Contest Holder
September 4 2011 1:53pm

the actual feedback

so you have an idea of what was said - here is the actual message regarding the hearts :

"Can you push the shape of the hearts further? Perhaps of the separate layers are more pronunced, or if the tip doesnt taper so much? I'm worried that right now they can be mistaken as egg-shaped."

i hope that is useful?
itzli     Contest Holder
September 4 2011 1:50pm

and the hearts...

i showed this to some friends and family and everyone loves it, except the feedback that seems to be consistent is the assumption that the hearts are actually eggs. easter eggs, was mentioned more than once :( i didnt notice it, but it does seem so. is there any way to give the separate layers of the heart more depth so they look more blocky, and less smooth-egg-ey? (i know im picking nits, but this is so close to perfect its painful!) :D Thank you!
itzli     Contest Holder
September 4 2011 1:36pm


instead of reworking with blood, i think your design is almost 100% perfect (i love those hands!) except for one thing - i think i would prefer the two heads of the snakes to be pushed together to be closer to the actual face of coatlicue statuary. heres a good up close picture of what i mean - would that be possible instead of other detail?

thank you so much!
itzli     Contest Holder
September 4 2011 1:25pm


that is amazing!
im not sure how blood would work in with the sort of stone-shaded design, but if you have some ideas, id love to see it!
September 4 2011 8:09am


Okay, here is the shaded version! :) Did you specifically want any blood worked into the design? I can always add it during the final uploading stages if you decide that you do.
September 4 2011 8:06am

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Submitted design #22055
itzli     Contest Holder
September 3 2011 2:40am


yes thank you! i would love to see it shaded, this would fit in very closely with the other pieces nearby on my arm already. Thanks!
September 3 2011 1:33am


This is just the lineart, to see if you like the overall composition. :) I will go ahead with the shading if you think this design will work for you~~
September 3 2011 1:31am

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Submitted design #22000
September 3 2011 1:30am

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Submitted design #21999
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