Sexy Death, love vanity half sleeve | Hi Jess90 #110487

Sexy Death, love vanity half sleeve

Designs by: Octavia


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Entry : #110487

Hi Jess90

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Sexy Death, love vanity half sleeve - finished
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Sexy Death, love vanity half sleeve - final outline
Sexy Death, love vanity half sleeve - Hi Jess90


jess90     Contest Holder
July 27 2013 10:21pm

Looks amazing!

I love it Octavia thank you! And purple so happens to be my fave colour Haha! I appreciate your effort and it definitely shows how much u put it great design!
July 27 2013 9:02pm

No Subject

Submitted design #111316

All I can say is I have been thinking about whether to submit this or not, lol its its clearly a $500 tattoo design, but earning something it better than nothing at the end of the day and I clearly wanted to do this, so here you are Jess you got my best ;)
jess90     Contest Holder
July 26 2013 11:09pm


Thanks Octavia it's lookin great! I quite like the swirls actually I think it rounds it off nicely it's hard to see alot of the detail as the lines are faint being an outline and all but i see where your going and i love it!
July 26 2013 10:46pm

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Submitted design #111182

Hi Jess90 I created a final outline for you now, but I got a bit carried away with some swirls, which is not what you asked for, inspiration took over really, it is basically an outline so there is no depth at the moment.

Just to see what you thought?


jess90     Contest Holder
July 24 2013 3:07pm

Love it!

You definitely do have a lot of talent I absolutely love the detail in her face! I like the sound of the extra roses and your shading idea by far the best submission I appreciate you entering and I look forward to seeing the finished piece
July 24 2013 1:16am

So far

Submitted design #110487

Hi Jess,

I just wanted to show you what I have for you so far. I have create part sugar skull and half bone skull pretty face, adding just one rose in at the moment there is another rose going in her hair at the top and another on the side.
Although I noticed yesterday after I drew in the pocket watch in that you are now looking for an hourglass instead, so that could be added in too. So far I have put the hours in for your tattoo price, I probably will add some more details in if you liked what you saw.

How the job could be finished.

Next I would finish the outline for a tattooist. Then work in the colours after, I envisage more grey scaling into the face and hair and goth her up a little, then I would do the roses in red of what ever colour you would like. I'd also age up the pocket watch.
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