Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo | Broken wing #362108

Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo

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Entry : #362108

Broken wing

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Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo - Design 1 Final
Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo - Design 4
Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo - The Embrace
Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo - Broken wing
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Seeking Mate to wifes tattoo - Seeking Mate


November 28 2018 6:04pm

No Subject

Submitted design #362219

If there is anything else I can do for you please dont hesitate to ask.
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 28 2018 5:11am

new submission

I think this is the one to tweak, I think what I didnt like was the wing looks like its part of her hair, so you had to really look to see it was broke but this one looks nicer than the new submission, plus its more masculine and her name is incorporated nicely. Im not sure how to tweak it but stay in this realm
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 28 2018 5:07am


Im getting several submissions but I like this one most, I think it will translate to a tattoo better once its tweaked
November 27 2018 11:11pm

No Subject

Submitted design #362176

Just a rough sketch but hows this working for ya?
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 27 2018 9:17pm

new design

I like where your going but it looks like shes clutching him, can you turn both of them side ways make his wing a bit more broken and adjust the arms to convey a softer embrace? I wont have the faces for emotion so the body language is everything
November 27 2018 8:49pm

No Subject

Submitted design #362175

Sorry for the late update been a bit busy.

I redid the design, slightly turning so you can see the female figure more.
This is just the outline, Ill have a full rendering for you tomorrow.
- James.
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 26 2018 7:56pm


I really like where your going with this but I cant see that there are two figures, is it possible to get more of a profile, perhaps slightly turned so I can see the womans face a bit (Realize when they actually do the tattoo you lose so much detail)
November 26 2018 7:19pm

No Subject

Submitted design #362108

Let me know what you think so far, still needs some cleaning up and detail added.
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 24 2018 7:00pm

Middle Design

Better direction.....whatif I was kneeling with a broken wing (only need to see one side) and she is comforting me
November 23 2018 7:05pm

No Subject

Submitted design #361980

Did a few quick sketches to try and get the emotion you're looking for.
For incorporating the name I went with a banner on the one but we can try other things.

Let me know what one you like and would like to see more work done. If you have any suggestions let me know.
- James.
November 23 2018 6:08pm


Thanks for the feedback.
Ill do a few quick drawings and we'll work from there.
Are you looking to keep aspects of your shield and the wings at all?
Rdemarco     Contest Holder
November 23 2018 2:45pm

Not the direction Im seeking

No, 936 is my shield number, I am not looking to simply swap-the image, I want something that would compliment my wifes tattoo (which represents me protecting her). So perhaps she is comforting me in some way.
November 23 2018 1:49pm

No Subject

Submitted design #361966

I wanted to keep some things the same with the original image so it matches your wife's tattoo. (mainly the people)
I took a guess at the 936 being an area code in Texas, so I put a star on shield.

If you are unhappy with this or would like to see some changes made please let me know.
- James
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