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Purple Fox Tattoo

Designs by: Carmenia


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Psyche3619     Contest Holder
June 1 2012 8:04am

Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen

Ohh I really like them. The one with its back to the viewer also looks much better than I thought it could.
May 31 2012 8:36pm

No Subject

Submitted design #42123
Psyche3619     Contest Holder
May 29 2012 11:31am

Woot furries!

Im not against it! Im not sure yet if I want an energy usage BUT if you can come up with a cool one that implements it I may be up for it. I do love things that deal with magic/power/energy. which is sorta the feel I want the tattoo to have whether it shows the energy or not. Im excited to see the designs you are working on!
May 28 2012 9:49pm


:) still working on a few more designs! Ah , I found you on FA (my username is the same as this) , two of your images have a sort of energy power to them.. would you want something like that implemented into the designs?
Psyche3619     Contest Holder
May 22 2012 12:10pm


I like the top middle and top right ones too :)
The only thing about the top middle is I would like the tail to be a little bigger somehow and it has a little bit of awkwardness to it but I think that might just be due to it being a rough sketch, I think the pose idea for it is great though. The top middle would work for a chest design, and the top right and bottom are both good for arms. You guys are going to make it so hard to pick one! @w@
May 22 2012 11:34am

No Subject

Submitted design #40906
May 21 2012 9:10pm


Glad you like! I drew several concepts before this one. I'll post those next.
Psyche3619     Contest Holder
May 21 2012 8:26am

Critique 2

I love the way it looks! I have nothing I can think of to change. If you have any other ideas or wish to make additional designs feel free to enter them as well. Good luck and thank you!
May 20 2012 9:04pm

No Subject

Submitted design #40717
May 20 2012 8:55pm


Submitted design #40716

Here is the one with the line on the head. I'll do a quick colour one next
May 20 2012 8:53pm


Submitted design #40715

Erased, tweaked, and fixed stuff up for you! This version down have the line that would separate the purple and white fur around the muzzle..uploading that one next.
Psyche3619     Contest Holder
May 20 2012 4:40pm


Wow that is amazing! There are only a few things I can think of to ask to change, and they a really minor.
1st is it possible to get some kind of indicator where the white chest fur and the purple fur would meet?
2nd the squiggly line near the tip of the tail is to indicate where the white fur ends and the new fur beings which you did a great job of. But the one lower near the base of the tail sort of makes it look like their is another color change
3rd which is super small, could the strand of hair between the ears be taken out? I know its in the ref but sense its more of a feral fox than anthro I prefer it not to have the black hair on its head (besides the small parts on his ears). Thank you! It looks beautiful so far. If you have any questions feel free to ask. And thank you for your participation in the contest!
May 20 2012 4:08pm

First Sketch

Submitted design #40678

:) Hi there! First try at this! I did my best to put in all markings!
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