Princess Zelda pinup | Stencil Before Background #228515

Princess Zelda pinup

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Stencil Before Background

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Princess Zelda pinup - Stencil Before Background
Princess Zelda pinup - Rough Pencil Sketch


September 30 2015 3:16pm

More Time?

Since I didn't hear back from you, I didn't want to waste time finishing the design if you didn't like it. If you do like it and you extend time on the contest, I'll be happy to continue working on it for you. It really is a fun design to work on! I hope to hear from you :-)
September 29 2015 4:07pm

Please Give Feedback!

Submitted design #228515

Hello :-) I inked the outline, and I'm ready to draw the background and then start coloring. I'd really like your input. Do you like it so far? Do you want the Triforce, or the Hyrule Kingdom symbol with the Triforce in it behind her? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
September 28 2015 8:09pm

Do you like her so far?

Was there any other specific feedback you wanted to give about her? Do you like her clothes?
ChaseAL     Contest Holder
September 28 2015 5:47pm

the numbers

the numbers dont have to be seperated by a slash, but i want them close together, with 331 before 227
September 28 2015 3:11pm

Oh, also...

The numbers "331/227," do you want them like that, with a slash between? Or can they be separated?
September 28 2015 2:51pm

Getting Started...

Submitted design #228340

Hi There,

Here is a pencil sketch I started today. I tried to incorporate Zelda's usual clothes, but to give them a steampunk feel.

I plan to put a faded steampunk style Triforce behind her, but I wanted to send you the sketch as it is so far to see what you think. Are there any changes you'd like to see? It's just pencil right now, so erasing is easy.

Please give me some specific feedback so I can make the changes you would like. Thanks!
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