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March 12 2019 10:46am


In addition, with the respect that deserves the owner of the contest, I think it is to fall very low, to make from an "anonymous" account try to defame an artist who already has several contests won and career.
March 12 2019 10:34am


Hello! I hope you are well! I'm Jesus / JESUS6B from Create My Tattoo. I have noticed that you have placed some posts on the website trying to defame me or accuse me of some type of plagiarism. I invite you to review my portfolio of designs won and recent entries. You can also consult all clients who have been satisfied with my work if I am reliable or not. I would appreciate it if you do not keep trying to defame me or speak ill of my work, when I only try to make clients happy with their designs. Just keep working without discrediting your colleagues. Thank you so much! Respectfully, Jesus.
TheVishla    Contest Holder
March 12 2019 8:33am

What does this mean?

Anonymusart - what do you mean this is copy and paste? Where from?
We have been working on this for a while so not happy if its a copy...
TheVishla    Contest Holder
March 11 2019 8:22am

No Further Submissions Required

Hi All

i am currently reviewing one or two designs that have been submitted and am finalising those with the artist, so no need to submit any more new drawings please Artists...

Thank you to those that have so far, much appreciated.

TheVishla    Contest Holder
March 3 2019 11:28am


I wasn’t thinking of having too much colour to be honest, the black shadow style looks amazing.
However, I think a little for the eyes and maybe the Rose - light pink maybe, or white?
Maybe some light pastel colours in the background?
Happy to be guided on that by you.
March 3 2019 10:25am


Regards!! your idea seems interesting to me .. I am finishing a first design that I will upload as soon as possible .. what colors would you like in the design? Thank you :)
TheVishla    Contest Holder
March 2 2019 10:22am

Updated comments

I have discussed with the boss (my wife :-))
And I would like to do something along these lines
Have attached something similar to what I would like.
Can you create a family as mentioned before, with some elements from the other photos, like the background and incorporate the Rose as well please?
TheVishla    Contest Holder
March 2 2019 1:03am

No Subject

Appended Description (March 2 2019 1:03am)
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