Pride of Lions with a Twist | CS #367821

Pride of Lions with a Twist

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Pride of Lions with a Twist - close up
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Pride of Lions with a Twist - CS
Pride of Lions with a Twist - 1


March 12 2019 11:17am


Do not worry ... I promise to deliver a final design with what you want to modify. We can continue contact here or by mail, regardless of whether the contest has ended.
March 12 2019 10:58am


It's good that you understand. I think, this is in bad taste .. As you mention, we have been working on the details for days, etc.

The heart shape of the lions puppies, the positions, I really think that if it were a "copy and paste" and it was so easy to get an image as it is in the description of the contest, you would not have made the contest, do not you think? .

Ok, perfect .. You just have to select the winning design. Since if you want to make changes, I can only upload changes in the "transfer design" section. Do you understand? .. Anything to let me know to explain you better :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 12 2019 10:51am

No Problem

Ok, thanks for confirming.

I am not sure about the background but the contest has finished now, so if we want to make changes, how can that be done?
March 12 2019 10:40am


This message is posted in the comments of the contest .. On several occasions that same person has tried to harm me. You can tell that it's an "anonymous" account, it's not an artist

I think he does it out of envy maybe, etc. As I have done very well in several contests, I repeat: you can see my profile or consult with clients that I have worked with.
March 12 2019 10:39am


Hello! I hope you are well! I'm Jesus / JESUS6B from Create My Tattoo. I have noticed that you have placed some posts on the website trying to defame me or accuse me of some type of plagiarism. I invite you to review my portfolio of designs won and recent entries. You can also consult all clients who have been satisfied with my work if I am reliable or not. I would appreciate it if you do not keep trying to defame me or speak ill of my work, when I only try to make clients happy with their designs. Just keep working without discrediting your colleagues. Thank you so much! Respectfully, Jesus.
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 12 2019 9:23am

what does the comment mean?

what does it mean? that comment about copying and pasting the image...
March 11 2019 4:18pm

close up

Submitted design #368368

March 11 2019 4:17pm


Submitted design #368367

Ok, friend ... I have changed both lions .. I really think that this is the best pair of all the designs I have sent. But this would leave it to your criteria.

Regarding the background, this time it looks more like a savannah and a sunset. I do not know what style of tribal or mandala you would like, thick, thin lines, many details ..
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 11 2019 11:14am


i think just the changes i mentioned before should be good for now...

will wait until you upload the next design.


and yes i use google translate to talk to someone in portugese and sometimes they just laugh at me or look at me strangely as it doesnt make sense!
March 11 2019 11:10am


I meant "Entries" .. Google translation is a disaster
March 11 2019 11:07am


Soon I'll upload other tickets with new funds .. Sorry for the delay, I've been a bit busy lately. It's not long before your contest ends, so some last suggestions are welcome .. Thanks
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 10 2019 8:42am

Update 10th March

Sorry, I’m not keen on the background at all
It doesn’t look like the right habitat for lions, that’s a bit too much jungle.
I think lions need more of a savannah background
And also not keen on the palm leaves as they don’t look right.

Can you also change the lioness face a bit as mentioned before, it seems a little too wide / fat

March 10 2019 8:38am


Hey, bro! I am already active again .. Beware of any suggestions you have
March 9 2019 10:02pm


Submitted design #368235

March 9 2019 6:04pm


Of course!! my email is in my profile, send me your whatsapp to be in contact (in case of not being able to solve this problem soon) .. Thanks for understanding
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 9 2019 10:17am

No worries

Not a problem, I have seen how difficult life is there and understand there might be issues so no worries.
We can do what we can and if you can’t finish it yet, once the award is given to you, we can finish the updates over WhatsApp or email?
March 9 2019 9:38am


However, I already have some advanced funds, but I could not finish or raise them for the same reason! I will do it as soon as possible! Thank you
March 9 2019 9:33am


Hi Vishal! how are you ? .. I want you to know that I am presenting some problems of internet connection, electricity, etc. I'm from Venezuela, maybe you've heard that the current situation here is total madness.
Ok, I tell you this so you know that if I delay in uploading the modifications of the design, or in answering comments is for this reason. However, in an extreme case, remember that even after selecting the winning design, the artist can continue to modify it and give you a definitive design.
Best regards, friend!
March 8 2019 9:38am


Hey, bro ... how about everything? Sorry, I had some internet connection problems. I am already active again, I will work on some options for the background of your design. regards
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 8 2019 9:26am

Background Option


This is looking really good now, I can’t chevk with the boss though as she’s away for a few days.

Can we start to look at some background though please?
Either some jungle / trees with sun in back
Or something else like tribal design or mandala style?
March 7 2019 12:49pm


Submitted design #368108

Ok, my friend .. this is how you are seeing this until now!
March 7 2019 7:19am


Hey, good morning! ... yes, I also wanted to tell you that. If it will go on the right arm, it is better for the family to look to the right. This is simple. Ok, I'll improve the face of the female. Thank you
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 7 2019 6:58am

Update 1 - 7th March


thanks for making that change to his face, looks much better :-)
Can we maybe do the same for the lioness still? make her a little friendlier?

Can we also move the flower up a little bit and to the left?

and i dont know why i didnt notice this before, but now that i see it on the arm - i think they need to face the other way... at the moment, they are looking backwards. can we have them facing the right of the picture / forwards on the arm?

once we are done with these changes, i think we can look at the background options... will start to get some ideas of what i think might be an option...

thanks again
March 6 2019 9:08pm


Submitted design #368071

March 6 2019 9:07pm


Submitted design #368070

Hello, Vishal! You're right, the previous lion has the face of a murderer .. Here is another proposal with a smaller and quieter lion ..

Feel free to ask me for more modifications (it's not a nuisance), I love doing this, this website is amazing. Greetings :)
March 6 2019 4:36pm


Do not worry, it's what I do .. You just want to change the size and make the lion more passive ?. Do you like the direction you look, the legs, the rest of the design, etc?
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 6 2019 4:28pm

Update 4 - 6th March

Sorry I keep asking you to change things, it must get a bit annoying for you...

That lion looks a little too scary and I think maybe a bit too big. Can you make him a bit softer like the photo was, almost looks like he is thinking.
Also, maybe make the size a little smaller as he looks like he’s a giant.

For the Rose, can you maybe make that a bit smaller too, and place to the left of the lioness in the black space between her and the lions leg?

Thanks and sorry for being such a nuisance
March 6 2019 3:31pm


Submitted design #368066

Hello!! I have made a new design following his suggestions .. I thought of lowering the lion completely to the left as if he were lying behind the lioness, but this would imply that the design was much wider .. His tattoo is on the arm, from shoulder to elbow, so the design should be 90% vertical. I'll be attentive to your new suggestions, the rose I did not place it this time, let me know where you would like it to be. Thank you
March 6 2019 10:06am


Yes .. I've already got what you want with this. The lioness and the puppies will be protected in the lion's chest, etc ... with this the lion will not seem to be floating. I will work on those modifications, I think it will look very good :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 6 2019 9:58am

Update 3 - 6th March

Yes, i understand what you are saying, thanks that makes sense...

also, i had asked to move the lion down and to the right... but having imagined it in my head, it maybe makes sense to bring the male down and to the left first, then move the female to the right a little bit doesnt it?
otherwise one of their faces would be covered
maybe when you move the male to the left, you can add a small amount of his front legs / mane / body behind the female?
March 6 2019 9:48am


Ok, let's see. With regard to the nose of the lion, the more you look towards the front, the nose will look straight ahead (ie, it will seem shorter) .. The longer it is in profile it will be longer .. do you understand what I mean? .. In the same way, I will do the best I can :)
March 6 2019 9:41am


Ok ok .. I understand. If you have any suggestions regarding the fund, some other detail, let me know. The more suggestions, the better .. It is the key to creating a perfect design. Thank you :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 6 2019 9:34am

Update 2 - 6th March

Yes, you are right, a little more forward but not all directly face on is perfect...

and also, the male lion is very similar you are right...however, my boss thinks the nose is a little too short and is better proportion in the photo i sent you earlier.

she is the boss, she is always right :-)
March 6 2019 9:17am


Hello!! Yes, of course .. I understand that you do not want them to see totally to the front but a little more, right ?. The look of the lion that you attached is almost the same as that of the last design.
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 6 2019 8:16am

Update 1 - 6th March


can we get the whole family to look to the front a bit more please? and also the male more like the attached photo?
can make the male a little bigger too, so that the family can sit almost where his chest would be?
March 5 2019 3:03pm


I'm glad you like it. Of course .. I will move it as you say. What do you think of the rose? and what would you like in the background to complement, details, something abstract, etc.
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 5 2019 2:55pm

Update request

This is really good, like the heart aspect now .

Can we move the male lion a little bit down and to the right so that the cubs, lioness and male dont look like they are in a straight line?
I think that will look a little bit better
Thank you
March 5 2019 12:54pm


Submitted design #367966

March 5 2019 12:53pm


Submitted design #367965

Hey, bro! I have made a new proposal, what do you think? An option to color and another black and white .. I will be attentive to any suggestion, thanks :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 5 2019 6:16am

Update this afternoon


yes please, that sounds right to me...
the lioness can be a little more forward looking too, not totally over to the side
and yes, the puppies together in the arms would be brilliant
The heart aspect isnt that important, more that the puppies are together in the arms.
March 5 2019 5:58am


Hello, good morning ... No problem, that's what it's about. A tattoo is forever. Ok, so you prefer a change of angle of the family, as if you were looking towards the distance, the lioness a little more tender, and you want to maintain in some way the arms and the heart shape of the puppies. I'm right?
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 5 2019 4:03am

Further change - 5th March

sorry, it keeps changing.. my boss is very interested in making it right as she will have to look at it every morning when she wakes up. :-)

I am attaching another image which shows more of the family being together.

Can i ask to have something like this?
but with the 2 cubs together in the lioness arms.
I like the style and design of your lions though, so can re-use that - just need to change the angle it is at.
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 5 2019 3:18am

Update 5th March morning - sketch idea

Am adding a (really badly drawn) sketch of what i mean... as you can see, i am Rubbish at drawing!!!!
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 5 2019 3:09am

Update 5th March morning

this is getting there, thank you...

can we make the following mods please:
Make the lioness a bit bigger and slightly softer looking - she looks even scarier than my boss!! lol
i love the idea of the lioness paws around them, thats brilliant - but can we bring the two cubs up a bit more and more level please?
could you use some of the shading in the lioness chest to make the top of the heart shape you have outlined in red and the paws to be the bottom of the heart?

hope that makes sense?
March 4 2019 8:38pm


Submitted design #367895

March 4 2019 8:36pm


Submitted design #367894

Hello! I have made the modifications you mentioned .. What do you think about the shape of the heart that puppies form? I think the lioness looks much better than in the previous design. I want to finish first the main image or central idea of ??the design, to start working in the background or abstract details, etc.
March 4 2019 8:36am


Haha .. I also thought that. That's why I'm looking for a way that does not look like they're under each other, crushed :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 4 2019 8:14am

Lioness change

Sorry, will try and be clearer, wasnt aware that you are Spanish
I was just asking if we can move the lioness back up to be under the lion, and have the two cubs together underneath her.
If she is at the bottom of the tattoo, she looks like she is a bit squashed!! and i do not think my wife will want to be squashed in :-)
March 4 2019 8:10am


Perfect, I'll work on it ... the translation is a bit confusing, my language is Spanish. I do not understand very well that you want to modify the lioness. Could you be more specific? Thank you :)
TheVishla     Contest Holder
March 4 2019 8:02am

Further Update 4th March

Hi, this is looking great so far, thank you for the effort you have put in so far, it is much appreciated.
Can we possibly make the following changes please:
Move the lioness back up as she looks like she is trying to squeeze into the tattoo at the moment :-)
Can the lion be a bit more face on as per the attached photo
Can you use a little less realistic rose as per the photo I uploaded historically
Can the cubs be positioned together so that in some subtle way, they create a heart shape - whether that be with their body or face?
Thank you for your updates :)
March 3 2019 7:22pm


Submitted design #367821

March 3 2019 7:22pm


Submitted design #367820

Hello! I have made a first design following your idea. I was wondering if you are looking for something of this style or would like to improve some detail .. I would like to know first what you would like to modify and then add the other details (colors, figures, etc) .. I would appreciate your rating and suggestions, thank you very much :)
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