Phoenix Flying Out of Flames Custom Tattoo | Phoenix Flames Edits #35574

Phoenix Flying Out of Flames Custom Tattoo

Designs by: Carmenia


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Phoenix Flames Edits

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Phoenix Flying Out of Flames - Phoenix Flames Edits
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Phoenix Flying Out of Flames - Phoenix Flames


SimonPhoenix     Contest Holder
March 29 2012 6:22pm



In that case - Congratulations! I'm going to declare the winner as you, and look forward to working with you a bit more on a couple of edits and the colors, etc.

I look forward to hearing back from you and working toward the final design!
March 29 2012 1:21pm


Yes! I will finish up what I have now, and do a colour version as well, and make any changes if needed too.. That will be no problem at all!
SimonPhoenix     Contest Holder
March 28 2012 11:17pm

Time Ran Out!


I saw your message in the main discussion section. I understand you had some errands and they ran a bit long - no problem; thanks for letting me know, as I was hoping to see your final version.

If I select you as the winner, would you be willing to submit what you are currently working on, along with the color version?

My understanding is that me and the winner can continue edits, etc. after the close of the contest.

Please let me know what you think. I really like where we were going with your entries, and you are absolutely on the short list of 'finalists' I'm considering for the winner.
SimonPhoenix     Contest Holder
March 28 2012 4:18pm

Sketch Edits

Your very welcome for the feedback - I'm glad you appreciate it. I try to make sure I don't come across rude; my real goal is to just be as specific as possible so the artist has no problems, and so I can get what I am hoping for. Glad to be working with you - fun stuff!

With that said, this is looking very nice! I haven't reviewed every entry yet, but right now, this current one from you is the highest rated in the contest! I really like what the edits have brought to this!

Feedback Time:

- Looks excellent! I like the 'spiked' hair on the head in terms of the look, positioning, etc. Looking real good here.
- Can you have the head angled slightly differently? I literally want it to look like it does right now, but have the Phoenix looking up more (more like a 45 degree angle - this may put the tip of the beak as the highest point of the tattoo; that's ok if it happens like that. I don't want it looking straight up, but more upward and rightward than it currently is)
-- Understood that the above change (the angle of the head) may cause you to alter the surrounding shapes a bit, but definitely want to keep it in tact as best as possible (I like the proud, puffed chest and the 'spiked' hair - basically everything in red is excellent, just would like the head to be angled slightly more upward/rightward)
- Can you add a small spot on the beak for a nostril? Some larger birds have this (see the bald eagle again) and it may be a nice touch. Nothing too big or over-stated, just a sublte dot type of addition.

- Also excellent. It's a bit longer now, the chest is more defined. Looks real good.

- Again, basically exactly what I was hoping for in the change requested. The way you positioned it is real nice!

- It's a little hard to see where the wing ends and the fire begins (only because the light sketch and the watermark the website puts over the images). I think I have a good feel for it (looks like the wings end a bit below the talons, and the fire starts from there down). If that's roughly the case, it's pretty awesome, and what I'm looking for! Likewise, the tail feathers blending into the fire looks good, too.

- I know this may require one more sketch before you get to coloring, but just in case you end up doing one of each, I wanted to mention the colors since there is limited time left in the contest.
- I'd like to have the color scheme in the Description, but wanted to note I'm hoping for richer, almost darker colors (one entry from another artist used very primary colors; I would like to have them richened up without being very dark, but without being too much like the basic primary color version of each color.

Hope this is all helpful, and I'm very much looking forward to the next one!
March 28 2012 10:50am

Sketch Edits

Submitted design #35574

Wow! Thank you for all your crits! :) Nice and clear!

Here is a sketch of the edits. I reshaped the wing on the right, so it's more opened up than curled in like before, and tweaked the body and the head. :) Sorry for the messiness of it. Ill clean it up once you are absolutely satisfied!
SimonPhoenix     Contest Holder
March 27 2012 11:21pm


Hi Keishinkae,

No problem on the late entry! I'm happy to have you involved - I know what you mean by other things creeping up (I'm writing this now at 1:00AM!)

I like the general look and feel of this entry - it's a bit different than some of the others!

The main tweaks I would like to request are below:

- I'd like the head to be a bit larger and more 'aggresive' if possible (more defined head, more defined jaw line, clearly defined head instead of a seamless flow into the neck, etc.).
- If it could be lowered a bit, and moved slightly to the right, that would probably help the positioning.
- I'd also like the beak to be a bit longer than it currently is (at least twice the length as it currently is). A longer almost flatter beak (like a slightly exaggerated bald eagle) would be ideal.

- Maybe just slightly longer (i.e. so the body is a bit longer, and therefore the legs are a slight bit lower than they are now)

- The Phoenix's left wing (i.e. the wing on the right hand side of the drawing) looks a bit like a 'shield' and gives the appearance of a defensive position. In general, I really like the look of the wings a lot, but perhaps this wing could be raised up a bit.
I'm thinking it raises up slightly, but not quite as high as the other wing. Just enough to make it less like a shield, and to lessen the gap between the wing and the head.
This change, along with the larger head, larger beak, and more aggresive head overall should really look great!

In general, this is a very cool design. The wings and flames are real nice looking, and the legs/talons are very good! Thanks for joining the contest!!
March 27 2012 10:01pm


Submitted design #35554

A pencil sketch! Sorry for posting this up with a little under 24 hours left! Ah! :) Work can sometimes creep up on you and take over!

This can be turned around to face the other way too.

Let me know your thoughts on it!
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