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Phillies Bat

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A Phillies hr

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Phillies Bat - A Phillies hr
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Phillies Bat - Crushed it


March 7 2018 5:25pm

Not a problem....

Not a problem.... I'll have it done ...
Tony59     Contest Holder
March 7 2018 2:53pm

Phillies bat

80-85% that will be fine thanks
March 7 2018 2:04pm

Hello... And thanks....

I could try to do that for you.... Only problem is I accidentally left the design at my work... Please select the drawing and I'll do it first thing tomorrow when I get in. Now the P on the ball I'll try to fit that in on the design at least 80- 85% of it.... Or I would have to do the whole drawing again.... I'll make it work. But again please select it like you said and I'll do the rest in the am. When I send over all work you'll have that!
Tony59     Contest Holder
March 7 2018 12:06pm

Phillies bat

Hi I am going to select your design. But I was wondering if the P on the baseball could show. In other words the whole Phillies name showing on the ball. Thanks
March 6 2018 3:56pm

The flames, pulled skin...

I can see where you would like the flame look colored in... That may be a little much. I added it with the ball pulling your skin holding the ball. It I believe looks really good like this.... But that's my opinion. With the P it could go either way. I like the uniqueness of the wood grain in the P but the red would be cool too. The tattoo artist could always change that up for you.
Tony59     Contest Holder
March 6 2018 2:28pm

Phillies bat

Excellent! I think I will have the P on the bat red and the stars blue like you said. But the color you have for the P is kind of unique. What is your opinion on the flames being color. This far exceeds what I was looking for, it’s very cool.
March 6 2018 2:10pm

A Phillies HR....

Submitted design #340784

Here is an updated design for the contest....hope it is it!
March 6 2018 10:06am

Thank you sir....

I will add the color to the bat as soon as I get outta work. So look for it this evening.... And yes I do believe it will represent well for you as a Phillies fan....
Tony59     Contest Holder
March 6 2018 9:22am

Phillies bat

Home Run! I don’t know if you’re able to do it but if The bank had the color of wood it would be great. You were right the best by far
March 6 2018 7:33am

Crushed it fly Phillies fly

Submitted design #340731

Good Morning. Here is the design that I came up with. I've got the wood grain bat with the hollow top. Wood etched P for your team... Added hillies in the ripped baseball that got the cover knocked off. This was all outta my Head like "the natural" movie. I think it has a new old school feel to it. With the Stars you could highlight them blue. That I believe would set it off.... Also add maybe some pinstripes, red going through it but since it's hand drawn I didn't want to overdue it. I hope you like it, as it's customized for your liking. Thanks for the time.
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