Peacock eleganza | Basic sketch #377917

Peacock eleganza

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Entry : #377917

Basic sketch

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Peacock eleganza - Peacock design
Peacock eleganza - Basic sketch


August 26 2019 1:37pm


Thank you for the good feedback, I appreciate it very much. It would be wonderful to work with you again in the future, I really enjoyed the process! Good luck with choosing the perfect design for you!! :)
Liam_II     Contest Holder
August 26 2019 4:35am

Hi again

This sure looks a lot different than the sketch and I mean that in a really positive way. I really like the tail now that it's a bit longer and has more volume to it. I think the colors you chose for the peacock are really nice and they are also pretty accurate compared to a real life one so I really appreciate that. Some designs have been going way off on the color combinations and I prefer it to have similar colors to a real one.

Your design doesn't have the most amount of details or the brightes colors but I do think you have managed to put most of your details where they matter the most (which is on the peacock). I honestly haven't decided on a winner yet because some are still working on changes and some of the designs are so wildly different I am gonna have to sit down and really think about what kind of tattoo I want. If it's more of a "simple" design or one that has more going on but without being overcrowded and messy.

That being said I really like your work! If you don't end up being selected as a winner for this one I will probably contact you in the future for some private design. I really love neo-traditional stuff so I will be getting more in the future.

I'm not gonna ask you to change anything because I feel like the design is complete, it's just a matter of if this is the right design for me. You will know in 2 days time. Thanks for your work. :)
August 25 2019 8:45pm

Finished design!

Submitted design #377989

Hey! Here is the design, with more tail added, lined and coloured. Hope you like it, was a pleasure to draw.

Jade. :)
August 25 2019 2:49pm


Yes, it will be a lot easier to see all the details and things once it is lined and coloured! :) The outer circle is a frame of sorts just to bring the peace together, it would just be in black line not like an actual frame though. Yes the little circle is a sun! I can add to the tail and complete the design so you can see it finished!
Liam_II     Contest Holder
August 25 2019 4:53am

Oh and I forgot to add

I've only actually received one other neo-trad design so far so I appreciate that as well. Apparently not everyone reads the entire description before they decide to make an entry.
Liam_II     Contest Holder
August 25 2019 4:51am


You're a bit late to the party but I haven't decided on a winner yet so if you want to present a finished design to me you are free to do so. :)

As for the current sketch I think it has a lot of potential. It's a bit hard to see the full concept as it's clearly not finished (but I'm trying to look at what you have presented). I'm wondering what the outer circle is going to be? If it's just an outline of the design? And the inner little circle is a sun/moon of sorts? I would probably want the tail to be a bit longer/fuller, I really love the dramatic effect of a peacock's tail so I really want that to be captured in the design I choose.

Thanks for showing an interest in my contest!
August 24 2019 10:02pm

Neo trad peacock

Submitted design #377917

Hi there, I was excited to see your tattoo request appear amongst the others, as I specialise in Neo Traditional style art. I have done a sketch for you to see if you like it? It will obviously look a lot better & have a lot more depth when I have lined it and coloured it in beautiful, bright colours. But this is just the basic idea. Let me know what you think! Hope you like it! :) Kind Regards,
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