Not your ordinary semicolon tattoo | desing #362843

Not your ordinary semicolon tattoo

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Not your ordinary semicolon tattoo - desing


23scadoo     Contest Holder
December 8 2018 9:21pm

New Image

I've also added another image that combines the use of the semicolon and the landscape.

I'm still trying to figure out what I think of have "love" on two lines instead of one. I haven't quite figured it out yet.
December 8 2018 9:07pm


Perfect. I will make the changes according to your suggestions. Do you want to keep the idea of ??using the comma in the E of love ?. Thanks for being attentive :)
23scadoo     Contest Holder
December 8 2018 8:56pm

Good start

Thanks for your submission.

I think this a creative idea to use the comma as the E. I do not love the use of the cursive font. When I was thinking this though in my head I had more of an idea of a lower case typewriter font although I am no sure how that would look in your design.

A few other comments:
1. The whole picture looks very air brushed and hazy. I would like it to be more crisp
2. I am also not sure how this would fit on a forearm being 3 inches at the top and tapering down to 2 inches
3. I would not mind that dead tree in the middle to go away.
December 8 2018 6:14pm


Submitted design #362843

Hello! I have made a first design following your idea. It occurred to me that one way that the comma is not out of place would be to incorporate it also in the word "love" as the letter "e". I was wondering if you are looking for something of this style or maybe you want to improve some detail. I would appreciate your rating and comments to improve the design, thanks!
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