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Norse full sleeve

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Norse Sleeve

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Norse full sleeve - Norse Sleeve
Norse full sleeve - Arm
Norse full sleeve - Just an Update
Norse full sleeve - Norse Sleeve


April 28 2019 7:58pm

No Subject

Submitted design #371491

If you would like to see something added changed, removed with this design, just ask.

Enjoy, James.
Bustercube     Contest Holder
April 26 2019 8:58pm


looking good, sorry to hear about your drawing pen. Keep up the good work.
April 26 2019 2:30pm

No Subject

Submitted design #371353

Sorry for the delay, my drawing tablets pen broke, anyways.

Here is the outer arm design, the compass I plan on putting on the inside (forearm) If there is something currently you would like to see changed just let me know and Ill see what I can do.

Enjoy, James
Bustercube     Contest Holder
April 23 2019 7:34pm


Very Nice!

Yes, if you see my previous comment I went over the runes and there not being any north, west, south, east ones.

I actually already have a vegvisir tattoo, it's inside the wings of the owl tattoo on my chest(image in description) I think we should stick to the standard compass with runes. If you look at this

the 5 rune layout might work for us. We have the 3 spot for north, 4 spot for south, 2 spot for west, and 5 spot for east. The the 1 spot can be in the middle of the compass. If we went this way id like to use rune that can describe the 4 directions. 3 would be Pertho(future) 4 would be Raido(Journey) 2 would be Dagaz(Home) 5 would be Fehu(Wealth) and in the 1 spot Sowulo(Self). Please see the Bluish rune image for what they look like. What do you think for this idea?

Thank you so much for your hard work.
April 23 2019 11:58am

No Subject

Submitted design #371182

Just alittle update to show some progress of the design.

I was thinking about the compass and using runes>
There isn't any north, south etc. and using the letters doesn't seem to translate very well as directions. (N = Needs, Friction, Shadow)

If you're ok with that, I'll use that or we can just stick with the standard NSWE.

Another Idea I had while looking at Norse stuff was Vegvisir, would you be opposed as using that incorporated withe the slandered compass?

Next update Ill have will be of the front mostly finished and that should be in a day or two.

Take care ~
Bustercube     Contest Holder
April 21 2019 6:44pm


I really like this design! I think they way you have the tree drawn more realistic it would look off if the serpent was a flat non realistic one. I like this direction a lot.

A Raven at the top would look cool, but that's if you feel it would be suitable. I added those ideas in case there would be a lot of negative space. I don't really want a solid black forearm, so filling large spaces would be good.

As for feedback on this design I only have a few suggestions. The moon at the top looks very cool, but seems a little too large for the perspective. Instead of the moon there maybe the compass could be inside the area held by a small branch, and we could move the moon up on the shoulder higher. The top of my shoulder(below neck is clear if we need to put the stars and moon up there. I'm adding an example image of the type of compass i was thinking. A single needle one that points to north(up) and the reverse side pointing to south. Maybe in the middle we can have a little knotwork/braid. and on the outer ring a few runes to symbolize north, south, east west. I'm also adding an image with runes and their breakdown. There aren't really north, south, east, west runs, so we'll have to use some as symbols of them. Pertho means future when it's used in divination, casting the runes. We could also just use the N,S,E,W runes from the runic alphabet. Runes are tricky as they have several meanings. Please look at the images i added. One is what they mean in divination(runes symbols. blueish image) and one would be what's meant if you wrote it(rune alphabet, white image with tables)

Last maybe the center of the tree could be one larger trunk with smaller vines/branches around it instead of many branches all together. I like the look, but there's too many spots that would need filling in. So maybe combine a few of the branches in the middle to form a slightly larger trunk?

All in all very good James, and keep up the good work
April 21 2019 5:10pm

No Subject

Submitted design #371058

Do to the size of this design, Id like to get some input with the direction I'm going before I get to ahead of myself.
(This is still a rough design)

For Yggdrasil, I wanted to start off with clean swooping lines that slowly turn into tree / bark.

For Jormungand I wasn't sure if you wanted a real looking serpent or something more like the images you uploaded with it being more flat looking with knotwork / braids in it.

The background will be dark / back with the negative space (skin) mist coming out between the branches.

As I was getting ready to submit this I saw you added to the description.
Is there anything you would really like to see added or are they just suggestions to fill space?

I was thinking maybe some ravens perched on a branch or two.
If there is any Runes you would like to see use I could make them looked like they're carved in to a branch.

For the ditch (inner part of the elbow) I was going to have the serpent tail circle around, but I could put a compass in there.

Let me know what you think so far and if there is any suggestions you have for me.

Take care, James
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