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My Rebel Heart

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My Rebel Heart - purple
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May 14 2016 9:09pm

My absolute pleasure, sincerely

Just let me know if there is anything else you'd need =)
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 14 2016 8:35pm


Well, I appreciate the kind words. I am glad it has been fun for you, especially since I myself didn't really know what all I wanted. I am just glad I was able to help edit and give direction of some sort.
Now the hard part is - do I like the purple version or the orange version? It is a really hard decision. :) One reason I like the purple is that there is depth to those lights and shading around items, whereas the orange version doesn't have that depth or its not as apparent. Otherwise I like the lightness of the orange one, so now its the indecisiveness kicking in to it all - THANKS ALOT. LOL
May 12 2016 11:33am


Submitted design #259901

and here is our purple view. Thank you so much for working with me. I can honestly say that you have been (by far) the best client I've ever worked with...especially in terms of conveying a vision and explaining what you'd like! It's really hard to draw for someone when they have absolutely no idea what they want, but everything you do "isn't it." So much appreciate goes to you for making this an enjoyable collaboration. =)
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 11 2016 10:39pm


Hey, absolutely no problem with the "misunderstandings." I work for an online cabinet dealer and manufacturer so I'm always talking to people via email/etc and it can just be hard to explain and understand everything.
Now with that said. I think this design is definitely the best so far. I am looking at this like "is there anything else that needs to change, or that I want to do differently" and right now I can honestly say I don't see anything that jumps out at me that I would want to change. If I had to say anything - it might be interesting to see the lights as a purple color just for comparison sake, but that is honestly it.

I don't know about you - if you see something your not quite happy with or want to try something different, by all means you can. Two heads/ideas are always better than one that is why I like working this way.
However, right now I am pretty happy with it all. I appreciate all the work and tweaks you have put into it.
May 10 2016 11:02pm

fixed it

Submitted design #259658

ok, much better! Anything else? =)
May 10 2016 11:01pm


sorry! It was because I checked on my phone! I'll fix that quick!
May 10 2016 9:50pm

Picture didn't show

Picture didn't seem to send. I feel pretty good about it so far but as many tweaks as you need. I really want to make sure you'd be happy with this on your body. And at least we are getting closer! Haha I apologize for my misunderstandings.
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 10 2016 9:34pm


Closer - The Blue and Orange combo for the lettering is so much better :)
I had a feeling you would do what you did with the design LOL
I attached another photo to help. If we only kept the lights on the right side that are not marked over, I have a feeling we would be really darn close.(I know it is actually really close to the first drawing but the lights just needed to be smaller and more of them, just not overpowering the design.)

How are you feeling about it? I want you to be happy with it as well or at least "feel" it is right. I have an architectural design background so I know when something is right or isn't, but the creativity and small details can sometimes be missing. Also, it is always really hard to "design" for yourself. :)
May 10 2016 8:35pm

fixing it up!

Submitted design #259653

Ok, is this a little better?
May 10 2016 8:22pm

got it!

this helps a ton!! I'm not going to kill you, I want to make sure you're happy! I'll make some revisions and post again! =D
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 10 2016 7:52pm


OK - Don't kill me.
I liked the "Rebel Heart" in orange, - it was just the other part in more of the yellow that I was looking to change - which I think in a way the blue does work so that part is fine.
I attached a photo of your design with some markings on it - thought this might help. The overall design I was thinking could have more of a diamond shape to it (doesn't have to be exactly symmetrical or anything, just kind of having that special reference to it - so that is why in the picture I have the diamond in there. we could fill that right side in with the lights almost and a little past.
I also tried to explain previously which size of the lights I thought were right in comparison to the design overall, so that size I circled in the picture as well. They are more medium shaped and I think might fit better. Idk, I'm just trying to correct my last message to you or be more specific. Or find a better way to explain it all. I could totally be wrong. Who knows.
May 10 2016 12:07pm

new things

Submitted design #259575

let me know your thoughts!
May 10 2016 11:06am

Fine tune away!

I understand what you're saying, at least I think I do. So, I'll make some tweaks and be uploading again soon...also, sorry for the appliances...gotta love when life throws technical difficulties!!
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 9 2016 11:13pm


(Small Vent) Man I hate when appliances take a crap on you and the only way to get new ones is to re-do electrical/venting/etc just to get it up to code. It's been a fun weekend and start to my week. (End Vent) LOL

I am looking at the lights and thinking if they were all more the same size (the bigger size like the set of 4 in the middle) and filled in the entire right side so when you look at the design as a whole it kind of makes a diamond shape. Not sure if you understand what I'm saying by that. Right now with the different sizes of the lights it starts to look like a windmill. I think that is part of what is distracting me. Also, maybe making them a different color might help.
Also, I have been looking at the electric bolts on the sides of "rebel heart" and not sure if its the color or what but that yellow(ish) color is starting to not really look the greatest with the red in the heart and the orange of the wording. Not sure if that helps us or not but those alterations may give the design that little extra we are kind of looking for. Just trying to give better input and make sure we get to the point where we both like it. From the start I loved the direction and ideas, now its fine tuning it all. :)
May 8 2016 9:29pm


I could try something else on the right side. I'm not necessarily sold either, but it was worth a try! I can try another light variation....otherwise is there another element you'd want to incorporate?
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 8 2016 9:18pm


Congrats and welcome to the club. LOL I just had my 7 year anniversary this past week as well. Its crazy to think its been that long.
I like the slight changes to the heart. I'm still a little on the fence with the lights and how they look, how they should look kind of thing.
I guess do you have any specific questions about it or your not quite sure about yourself that I could maybe answer?
May 8 2016 1:18pm

Back and update

Submitted design #259249


Sorry I disappeared for a while there. I was actually getting married! Haha, crazy life....but, back to business. I have an update here and would love to hear your thoughts =)
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 1 2016 2:30pm


Love the new detailing - especially with the cage piece.
Not sure where we are going with the lights. All I can say is I don't want them to end up being too 'flat.' One of my previous tattoos ended up being a little disappointing because a column piece ended up looking like books/bookcase, which kind of sucked, but things can always be changed, worked on.
I had a thought last night too about a heart monitor and the rhythmic pattern of a heartbeat and how that could be a cool concept/idea as well. Again, just a random thought that I wanted to at least get out there in some way.
I will probably extend the contest a little bit longer. Just as an FYI - doesn't hurt to do so.
I am glad that your excited to work on this and give new ideas a try. Some people I think either are too afraid of a challenge and/or don't like criticism and changes. They get too stuck on their own idea and don't want to venture from it. I can be a little indecisive (not going to lie) and some of my previous tattoos I'm just not happy with. I liked them at first and then they went somewhere else when they were inked on. So this one I am trying to be more careful before with the design and before I get it officially inked on.
May 1 2016 1:09pm


Submitted design #258207

progress shot feel free to share thoughts
May 1 2016 11:41am

This helps

I will keep working, hopefully our time doesn't run out. I'd be happy to finish this off and bounce back and forth. Keep checking back and stay in touch! I'll try to hammer out something awesome for you! =D
BlaineBAD06     Contest Holder
May 1 2016 12:07am


Hi. I really appreciate your submission. I have been looking at the design all day trying to A. figure out what direction you are going to go and B. what kind of feedback I can give you. Like I said in my description, I have no idea where I wanted to go with this design. I gave some descriptions and ideas just to give people some kind of ideas. I hope we can really bounce ideas off of each other for this.
I am curious to see what your plans are for the lighting. To me, lighting for the show is so important. The square lights used during the show serves so many purposes. It created shapes, created letters, they rotates, pivoted, they even simulated fire/flames during the show. They just breathe so much life. I also like your electric current idea for the spelling. I get a high and this energy at a Madonna show that I do not get from anything else.
I would love to see the cord more rounded/dimensional. I know that much. The case aspect is the other area where I'm not sure what to do with it. I guess I would need to see where else you plan to go with this idea as a whole with a little more detail.
What kind of questions do you have for me? Anything else that I can provide to give more direction?

Thank You
April 30 2016 11:34am


I wanted to share and explain a little.

-Tried incorporating the wire wrap...with an electric current spelling Rebel Heart so it captures the life and free powerful spirit that surges.

-The lights from the show will make the right side of the drawing this is for design and because it seems the atmosphere of the show really appealed to you!

-the cage will be protruding from the left side, growing out from the heart. Rather than being caged and captured the heart commands it's restraints.

Hope that helps a little and provides some symbolism for you =)
April 30 2016 11:31am


Submitted design #258050

I really wanted to try this tattoo out. Sounds like an awesome concept briefing. So far I have the heart fleshed out and some little details there....but there's a lot to finish up yet.

I wanted to share where I was at to see if you like this direction, style, and would like me to keep going. This way it gives you a good teaser and you can let me know if you do or don't like it without wasting time from either party. Hope to hear from you!
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