Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide

Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide





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Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Updated Version of Submission 1
Winning Entry
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - different eye
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Music is the Soul
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - punk anthem
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Love is Music
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Another one
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - last minute!
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Last minute 2
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my life
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - music with star notes
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - hand painted
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Music
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Music
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my Life tattoo
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my Life tattoo
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my Life tattoo
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my Life tattoo
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Soundtrack of my Life tattoo
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Color!
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Extended Tattoo Design For Cianuro Suicide
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - singer/ bird
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - ButterflyKeytar
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - CIANURO COLOR
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Cianuro B&W
Music Themed Tattoo for Cianuro Suicide - Last minute additions


September 30 2009 7:29pm

What makes a great tattoo...

As a 2 year tattoo apprentice, I have put a lot of my knowledge of what makes a great, long lasting tattoo into my design entry. The first thing to consider when adding more tattoo work to an already existing tattoo is match the styles, so the new piece blends with the existing piece seamlessly. I re-created your existing piece as exact as possible, then added my design to it. A good tattooist creates designs that will last the test of time, most tattoos don't last and look good past ten years. A few general rules to combat that things like using as much black as possible, lots of black that contrasts against lots of bright colors helps each element of the tattoo design stand out longer than the ten year mark. Another good rule is WIDE open spaces. As tattoos fade over time, they also BLUR badly. lines and details lose their integrity, focus, and clarity. In order to work around that, tattoos with simple gradients of shading, large areas, and wide open spaces keep a tattoo looking its best through the years of fading. All these few simple rules were implied when creating my design entry. So not only does it look like a tattoo SHOULD, it will last decades longer than most. On top of that, it will be much easier for the tattooist who is putting the tattoo on you to do his job working with a design that is MEANT to be a tattoo. Aside from this full color version, I also have just the line work available for the tattooist so he/she doesn't have to redraw this piece....That will save you some bucks. Thanks Again!
September 30 2009 5:52pm


I t was nice drawing ideas. but i'm a sketcher I don't color and the airbrushers are over running me
September 30 2009 4:42pm

28mins left!

Before the competition close, I just want to say I love the competition, I made 7 design all by hand, my hand feel really sore now, but I learned a lot of things from it, I think no matter who is the winner, every artist is great!
September 30 2009 11:47am

Hello girl!

I just want to tell you I'm making one last design that have everything you love on it!
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 29 2009 10:31pm



i'll try to be here tomorrow to answer your questions... butjust for the designs with more stars.. we don't have more time =(!!!
September 29 2009 9:32pm


I'm making another one now,with more music!
September 28 2009 10:32am

Submissions Coming Your Way!

Hey! Just want to say, don't get your heart set on any of the designs you see LOL, cause I've got a handful of awesome designs coming your way shortly.
September 28 2009 5:18am

inspiration (mistake)

Ups, I mean ...when I hear a special song FOR me I think..., sorry
September 28 2009 5:12am


Hi, sometimes when I hear a special song me I think and/or remember times of my life, I've seen you want a music themed tattoo, so what kind of feelings, thoughts, memories or images you think when you're listening the songs of the list?

and don't worry about the lenguage, I speak spanish too :)

Thanks, Diego
September 28 2009 12:36am


just started another design for u... was hoping you liked this one better i was going to make the background similar to the last one since u liked that. just wanted some input again
September 28 2009 12:28am

#1254 Maximus

What did u like about my design for some reason we posted messege and it didn't show up on the messege board. What colors would u like to see it in?
September 27 2009 11:55am

#1185 "At Sea"

Hi! Cianuro, I got here to Colorado yesterday. I'm so glad you like my new design. I'll add some more music for you today, and submitt it to you. Debbie
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 24 2009 10:00pm

No Subject

Appended Description (September 25 2009 12:00am)
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 24 2009 9:03pm


Hi people.. thanks for all the submissions!!!

i tagged with 4 stars my favorite designs!! and the end of the contest is getting closer!! so please keep trying!! keep working on these designs!! i loved them!!

thank you!!
September 24 2009 7:21pm


I need to know what you think? Do you want certain colors? more detail or less detail? I good with criticism, so please any kind of feed back will be helpful.
September 22 2009 8:14pm


the beginning but i was just wondering if the idea is anywhere close to what you are wanting? if not ill start working on another piece, just takes a little while because i am painting it by hand.
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 21 2009 2:19pm


I'll be giving feedback JUST if you ask for it ;)!!!

I like a lot of the designs.. specially the ones with 3 stars.. but ineed something better!! i know you can do it ;)!! i can't wait for the final results!!


Cianuro Suicide
September 14 2009 8:53pm


Just one more question for ya....What kind of guitar do you have ( or what is your dream guitar to have) ?
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 12 2009 10:58am

to Andrew


i'm interested.. but i don't have a camera.. so i can't take the pic that you want... please read the full description and start from there :)

September 11 2009 9:15am

Cianuro_ Suicide Whats up

Hey girl. Old school punk popper hear. so your looking for a design? With edge. Hmmmmm I see your wanting something girlish. I see a lot of designs her. I want to create you something amazing that you can sport with pride but I'm going to need something from you. Other than your money that is. I need you to attach a photo of you rockin out in your best threads and with your guitar). This will set the mood for your design. Only if your interested. In the mean time I'll do a couple of sketch's for you.
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 9 2009 6:19pm

No Subject

Appended Description (September 9 2009 8:19pm)
September 9 2009 4:12pm

the singularity tree

i can also add band names into the tree if thats what you wish i hope you like it there is alot to it you wont notice at first
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 6 2009 9:16pm

to slingin_ink

Thanks for the interest and questions =)!!!

I play guitar and used to play piano when i was 12 or something.

My favorite music is pop punk or something like that... I updated the description of the tattoo and i put a list of my favorite bands and even a list of songs.

About heritage... i didn't understand that question :P!! sorry... but if it is what i think.. i guess not...

about getting more tattoos... i think i will get more... but not in a close future... but you never know.... i love tattoos.. so.. probably yes.. i'll get more...

and about me.. i'd say i'm a dreamer and a realist at the same time...

but i want something like a fantasy world in clouds for this tattoo... 100% dreamer

i hope this will help you with your design ;)!!!

Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 6 2009 9:02pm

No Subject

Appended Description (September 6 2009 11:02pm)
September 6 2009 3:12pm

music theme

I think I have a cool idea for you. But first I got some questions. Do you play any instruments? Do you have a certain style you lean towards? like goth, punk, hip hop, preppy, or maybe it depends on the day. would you like to incorporate some style from your heritage? Do you plan on getting any more tattoos? Are you more of a dreamer or a realist? Im looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks chica
September 3 2009 11:07am


thank you for the thorough answer!! su inglés es bueno, no se preocupa :)
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 3 2009 6:39am

to blueice

you are right... that won't help you to win the contest hahahhaa :P

but thank you!!!

September 2 2009 6:56pm


i'm not expecting that this comment help me in the competition but you're hot :) lol
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 2 2009 1:56pm

to vicious_militious

In the description i said that the location is MY RIGHT RIB... i even submited a picture of my rib and painted with light blue the zone where i want the tattoo...

i hope you can find the pic and the full description (is up there... it says "Click Here to Read the Full Description") you'll see there the shape of my rib, and the tattoo that i already have.. and a lot of examples and details :)!

about a story.. that would be creative and fun.. but i don't have an idea for that right now.. if u have a proposal just let me know...

if u wanna include some characters i'd prefer fantasy based... but not ugly ones.. i mean.. not angry or showing hate or something like that... i prefer cute things.. with big bright eyes.. and that kind of stuff.. i love that!!! so i think it's a good idea... remember that the tattoo has to be very girly and cute...

and about music.. i uploaded a playlist that will help you to know my taste in music...

thanks for your interest!!!

if u have more questions just let me know!

Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 2 2009 1:49pm

to MoarRoar

Good questions...

(it's hard to answer this cause my first language is spanish... and i don't know some words... so i'll show you some pics... i hope this helps you)

i associate music with this kind of things:

i hope you get my idea...


about songs... i'd choose these:

Blink 182 - The Rock Show
Blink 182 - Dammit
Blink 182 - Josie
Bowling for Soup - Punk Rock 101
Bowling for Soup - High School Never Ends
Delux - Más de lo que te imaginas
Good Charlotte - The Anthem
Mest - Cadillac
New Found Glory - Dressed to Kill
New Found Glory - My Friends Over You
Something Corporate - Punk Rock Princess
Sum 41 - Fat Lip
Sum 41 - In too deep
Zebrahead - Anthem
Zebrahead - Postcards from hell

i think those are the best songs for this tattoo :P!!

and i use headphones when i'm on the street... and out loud when i'm at home :P!!
September 2 2009 10:48am


would you like to work a story into the design? if so, would you prefer your charachters to be fantasy based, I.E, dragons and such, or reality based, like people you know and love singing and playing the notes of your favorite song? What is one of your favorite songs?
September 2 2009 10:25am


I tend to work naturally with curves and the flow of your musculature... different designs for different curves. Any idea where you would like it?
September 2 2009 8:50am


About the poor quality. Its a rough pencil sketch and I took it with the camera on my phone.
September 2 2009 7:37am


what images do you associate with music? what songs do you feel best capture that attitude of power and happiness? do you rock out on headphones, or out loud?
Cianuro_Suicide    Contest Holder
September 2 2009 6:36am

to colby1381


I'd like something blue and pink, like i said.. very girly...

I need a design that represents how important is music in my life. I've been listening since a long time ago bands like Blink 182, New Found Glory, Zebrahead, Sum 41, All Time Low, etc... and i want a tattoo with the same attitude and power and happyness of that music, that's the most important.

I hope you got the idea.. if not.. just ask me again ;)

thank you!!

September 1 2009 8:40pm


Hi, Was just wondering if you have any preference on the exact colors you would like to be used. Also, what kind of music do you like?

Thanks, Colby
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