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Music - Music Is Life 4 Max
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Music - Finished Version
Music - Music Sleeve
Music - Music Is Life 4 Max
Music - quic k
Music - Music Sleeve
Music - inner forearm
Music - bicep and upper arm
Music - Center and forearm
Music - Music is Life (close up)
Music - Music is Life
Music - Music Is Life Sleeve
Music - Music is Life Sleeve
Music - Music is Life
Music - black without lirycs
Music - Music is Life


MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 16 2012 9:42pm

Contest Extension

I just notified the site that I wished to extend the contest by a week or so to give everyone some time to finish their work and submit it. I saw a lot of work that looked interesting but was not complete and I do not wish to dismiss these artists because they did not have enough time to finish. This was a big project with a lot of detail and needed a lot of feedback and questions answered. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out what the decision is.
February 16 2012 9:34pm


how long till you have to pick the winner..
February 16 2012 9:34pm

so how long do we have?

to finish
February 16 2012 8:18pm


im just ghoing to load working on everything....but the contest can be closed like i said you have some more time after test is closed....still...uploading...but if you pick a winner you have six days to release payments....and the site will allow that if everyone agreess...thank you for your patientence
MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 16 2012 8:01pm


Since there was so much late interest in this contest and I really want to see everyone's finished product I'm going to try to extend the contest once it ends. Im going to try my best to give everyone a fair chance at winning.
February 16 2012 7:28pm

dont extend brother...

im going to show what i've been working on...then instead of photoshop it im going to do it in pencil,,,shade it all in a you can see....and then upload it.... ill show you the colors im going to use but not all of them cause i need 2 more hours on the final...with the rest of the coloring...your at work tho so i know you cant get on the phne...but...let me do this then if you like what you see asx i can pick me as winner and then you will have six days to hold payment until i upload you the stencil. outline. and always keep in mind the shading is always the pick a good one...wish i could sling this piece...not sure if your famliar with negative space....something like bloodlining...but with music in this piece it would stand your ink out....would love to see the inked result of this...but bear with me
you can even let contest close and still not pick a winner for a little bit....some hours...
but the site will monitor our converstaions and understand why the hold on releasing the payment...
Thank you for your timwe.... and your going to love this
February 16 2012 7:16pm


I hope the uploaded image that you see is large enough for you to see all of the detail. The original file that I have is really big due to the size of the design so I wasn't able to upload it without compressing it to a smaller image =[
February 16 2012 4:19pm

Admin won't let you extend?

The rules state that if you don't receive at least 10 unique entries, and don't get 1 you like, and as long as you provide feedback and star ratings to keep the health of the contest in the green, you should be able to extend the contest, or get a refund. Here's the link to the guidelines.
Good luck
February 16 2012 2:09pm

on it

im working now
MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 16 2012 12:37pm

Cant Extend

The contest was originally made for the maximum amount of time which was 16 days so it can't be extended any longer. Maybe After it end I will start a new contest if i dont like any of the tattoos i see submitted.
February 16 2012 12:18am


Send the website admins a message requesting an extension. Request the maximum alloted time and hopefully they will be generous enough to grant it. It helps if the health of the contest is good and the entries are few.


MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 15 2012 11:18pm


Im not sure how to extend it. How long do you think you would need?
February 15 2012 10:58pm


You have 3 of my favorite albums in this piece! I would love to work on it as well, but there isn't enough time for me to put together a design this huge. If you extend the contest I will happily submit a design, thanks!
February 15 2012 10:37pm

Xtend Pleeeeez

Pleeeeez Xtend
February 15 2012 5:42pm


I will be submitting my design tomorrow :)
February 15 2012 3:52pm

Extend the time on this one, I know these bands!!

I would like to give a shot at this as well mate!!
February 13 2012 2:26pm


I am busy putting something together for you. However there is something I want inquire about:

You've included images of all the album covers mentioned on the description except: "The Used: self titled album" and "Thrice: Artist in the ambulance"... Do you still want us to include these in the design?

The Thrice cover has that building on it which can be easily included, BUT the cover of The Used has a doll/mask character that is much too similar to the mask on "Scary kids scaring kids" album.

Perhaps we include the cover of another The Used album cover or a symbol representing them, like the ampersand (&) of the band "Of Mice and Men".


MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 13 2012 1:12pm


Color would be preferable
February 13 2012 12:10am


This idea is awesome and one of the most fun designs I've ever worked on so I am excited to see the other submissions regardless of which one you pick. I have one question for you, do you want it to be in color or black and white?
MaxsMusic    Contest Holder
February 2 2012 3:38pm


I would like the album cover included. Not the entire picture for some of them but the main image. And some of them have the band name on the cover and that's what I was saying I did not want to have if you decided to use the entire album cover. The only words I want included are the lyrics I provided and the words "music is life"
February 2 2012 2:38pm

A questions

So ok this is a big tattoo so I have a questions, first so you want to have something about those albums in the tattoo, but you don't want to have the actual album name in the tattoo?
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