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Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - new face
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Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - CELTIC
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Out of time
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Upper part
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Mayan Sleeve concept
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Details
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Arm preview
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Progress
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - MTS2
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Black leopard
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - .
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - Mayan sleeve art
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - simulacion5
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - manga6
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - rostro
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - sketch
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - top closeup
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - bottom closeup
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - jaguar at bottom
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - on arm
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - size
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - upgd
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - simulation4
Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - 5
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Shay88    Contest Holder
February 22 2019 12:47pm

@RadeM & @Voda

I am a massive fan of both of you somif you have already designed something please upload and if I think it’s worth extending the competition I will :)

I’ll let the competition run it’s course and then weigh up my options
February 22 2019 12:39pm


I planned to participate in your competition, but I also did not have access to this site. I liked your topic.
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 22 2019 12:34pm

Contest decision

Hello everyone, so as the website has been done for me for a few days it has allowed me to really take a look at screenshots of the entries that I had and I have shown my friends and tattooist the entires of the best ones.

I want to say a massive thank you to the three designers that have spent hours back and forth we me for days on end (you know who you are) the amount of hours you guys must have spent to create your entry’s I dread to think... All three of them are breathtaking and it has been extremely hard to pick one. It sucks only one of you can take the prize as all three of you deserve it but nevertheless one has to be picked. I have made my choice solely on what tattoo I want to see on my arm for the rest of my life and my tattooist ability to tattoo it.

I will make my choice within the hour I just wanted to post this so everyone can see how much I appreciate your hard work.

To everyone who has posted something thatv is still in the early stages, Thank you but I would rather be honest now and say the decision has properly been make now at this point and you would just be wasting time you could spend on other competitions. Thank you for submitting them. If we had another two weeks we could have spent more time on it but we haven’t and my tattoo appointment is in a couple of days.

Thanks again everyone. If has been a pleasure. I’ve just this website in the last year to design my chest, my entire back, my left sleeve and now my right. To say it’s become an addiction is putting it lightly haha. Mid life crisis at 30! Haha. I will be looking to get my legs designed next year so I’m completely inked so will invite you all to assist in that then :)

Thanks again everyone and all the best. Winner to be announced shortly :)

Warmest regards.

February 22 2019 12:18pm


Yes, the site did not work for many people. In the next few hours I will add a new work.

Shay88    Contest Holder
February 22 2019 12:04pm

Website issues

Hello everyone, I haven’t been able to log on to this website for the last 4 days! The website would load on any device or browser that I tried. I looked online but couldn’t find any fix. I’m really glad has been fixed as I was scared the website could have just been shit down or something similar.

I have a lot of new submissions to give feedback on and we have only 8 hours left of the competition.

I’m soo frustrated and annoyed this has happened.

Did everyone else have the same issue logging on? I promise I did and I was not being rude and ignoring everyone
February 18 2019 8:49pm


Thank You for invitation)
In near time I will add my design!

February 18 2019 4:54am


I work on the design for you, I apologize for the long wait, I was sick (But now I am actively working on the project and will soon try to please you))
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 17 2019 8:29pm

Feedback given

That’s feedbak given to all outstanding entry’s, again apologies for the delay, been crazy at work but will be back to normal now as my workload has decreased!

Thank you to the designers that have submited entries. Some really exciting possibilities, this website is truely an amazing platform and worth every penny :)

Is there anyone else that is currently designing something and I can therefore except a entry from you soon?

Shay88    Contest Holder
February 17 2019 7:33pm

Sorry for delay in feedback today

Hello everyone, apologies for not providing feedback for today’s and yesterday’s submisisons. It’s been a crazy couple of days. I will provide feedback now. X
February 11 2019 4:42am


Thank you for the invitation ill do my best to participate :)
Sounds really cool
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 8 2019 5:06pm

Replying to @jesus6b

Looking forward to working with you again! The design you won last time is now inked on me and you can see it if you go in to my profile. I have uploaded all my tattoos I have inked on me. Thanks again for that and can’t wait to see what you can do with the new contest :)
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 8 2019 5:04pm

Replying to @ERAEK

Hello :) it’s a full sleeve. Shoulder to
Wrist :)

Arlo is incredible. Unfortunately being from the UK and his studio being in the US it would be very expensibe to fly there, get accommodation and pay 1000 usd an hour to get inked by him! I dread to think of the total cost for a full sleeve by him plus expenses! Haha

Luckily I have a tattooist that is very talented, just need a masterpiece for him to use! Over to you! Haha
February 8 2019 4:36pm

thanks for the invite!

I love his work ~ this'll be fun to work on! Something to you soon ~ is it a full sleeve, shoulder to wrist, or half sleeve, shoulder to elbow?
February 7 2019 1:47pm


Greetings, Shay. It will be a pleasure to return to work on a design for you with all the commitment that this requires. Soon I will work on this new idea and upload my first entry as soon as possible. Thank you! :)
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 7 2019 10:11am

No Subject

Appended Description (February 7 2019 10:11am)
February 7 2019 10:05am


Thanks for the quick feedback, this is very important) I understood you and with great inspiration I start working on the design for you, I hope you will like it.
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 7 2019 9:38am

Reply @Hartles_Nina

Its the right arm.

A human skull - sorry should have been more clear
February 7 2019 9:33am


Good afternoon, thank you for such a difficult and interesting competition. The question that I have questions is: 1) is the left or right hand? 2) Do you want a jaguar skull or a human skull with a smooth transition to a jaguar? Sorry for the misunderstanding, English is not my native language)) Have a nice day!
Shay88    Contest Holder
February 7 2019 8:19am

Hello Everyone

Please don’t hesitate to fire away questions :) have we got anyone interested in this challenge?
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