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Mexican Mayan Sleeve

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first step

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Mexican Mayan Sleeve  - first step


February 22 2019 5:16pm

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Submitted design #367297

I wanted to show what the progress is now, like I mentioned in the last post if you'd like to extend time for a day or so I'd be happy to keep working on it, of course if you like it :)

Good luck with your contest!
February 22 2019 12:17pm


Submitted design #367275

I don't know if you noticed, but createmytattoo has been down for more than a day, so I haven't been able to post anything.

Since I didn't know if the site would be up before your contest ended, I wasn't sure if I should complete it. I'm submitting the progress photo of what I've got so far, and if you like it I'll do my best to complete it by the end of your contest, or if you could extend your contest for another day or two I'll definitely have it finished.

Let me know what you think so far!
Shay88     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 5:42pm


Hey thank you for your entry. You are very much in the right direction :)

It will be very nice to see this properly drawn with the shading etc as ultimately the tattooist will need some thing to stencil and use as inspiration :)

I’m looking forward to seeing this further developed.very promising :)
February 15 2019 1:36pm

initial step - sketch

Submitted design #366863

So this is just the sketch so far to see if I'm going in the right direction.

I've got the tattoo of the man on the shoulder, in the middle elbow area is the pyramid with a sun above it, some dark clouds will be wrapping throughout a lot of the right side of the tattoo...I'm having trouble thinking of filler ideas where the cracked mayan calendar is on the right, so if you have any thoughts please send them my way!
The morphing mayan calendar will be morphing in with the skull and jaguar. Some leaves on the bottom for filler.
Let me know what you think, there's a long way to go yet!
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