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Mexican Mayan Sleeve

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February 22 2019 12:09pm

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February 19 2019 11:24am

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Shay88     Contest Holder
February 19 2019 8:51am


Wow, seeing this photoshopped on to a arm really allows me to visualize what it would look like. I really like this and can’t think of anything else I would change to be honest, you have designed something truely beautiful :)

I prefer the sleeve without the Mayan statue as it allows the jaguar to be larger and calendar to be larger :)

Good job!

If you feel like submitting any other random ideas you have, then feel free, let your imagination run wild :)
February 19 2019 8:23am

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February 19 2019 8:23am

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Submitted design #367123

Hi. I did my magic! :D So, only difference between this two designs is in the inner forearm area.For one of them, I scaled up a bit whole forearm design to make that large enough to wrap around whole forearm. And on another one size is the same as the was on the first design I uploaded here, so thats why I fill the gap between with some mayan warrior statue. I hope you can see clearly.
And last change was for the inner upperarm. I fill that gap with some statue. Looks like some mayan dragon, and probably is some variation of kukulkan. And with some shades conected whole piece in one great design! At least for me.
Shay88     Contest Holder
February 18 2019 2:10pm


Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my tattoo description, it’s every inch of my right sleeve, both sides basically.

I am open minded to all suggestions you have :)

This is a very good entry so far so excited to see how this progresses :)
February 18 2019 12:30am


Hi. Ok. I know what you mean. I have one question. Did design gonna be wrapped around whole arm or only the parts you marked with blue? Because all of the works you posted here, are only on outer part of the arms. So I was thinking that is the way you want for your tattoo.
Never mind, I can draw corrections you want and photoshop whole piece in 3d preview. But in that case, I must add some extra elements from mayan culture. So that can looking great from both side of the arm. Also, if we go with design for inner forearm too, I would try to implement some more of drawing elements, or I can expand whole lower part bit better to wrapping around whole forearm.
Please, just explain me that part and I will do my best to draw best posible design for you.
In mean while I'll draw something for that biceps wrapping zone.
Shay88     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 8:22pm


Sorry for the delay in feedback,

First thing I want to say thou is I love this entry, it’s very good! Very well done. I actually prefer your man to the one Arlo drawn and love the film so it’s great you have put your own spin on it!

Looking at the peice I can use my imagination and guess how it will wrap around the sleeve etc. to make this easier please can you include this image photoshopped on an arm etc,

One area that I feel with this current design will be left exposed and I inked will be the bicep area. It’s quite a bit Area. I have uploaded you entry and added to blue boxes. This will be the bicep area so we just need a design that will wrap around this area.

I’m open to suggestions on what you want in this space.

Thanks again and I’m very excited about this entry.
February 17 2019 8:43am

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Hi there! I draw a lot of details in this piece. Trying to get some mayan storyline, of course using your guidelines. For upper part I draw other face and keep ornaments as they are. First it is more mayan, because I use one of mayan warrior from apocalypto movie. I keep face paint as they are on the first photo you share with us. Pyramid is under the chin and blocked with 2 kukulkan figures. They are interesting cuz I blend them to look like a tattoos on the warrior chest. Also using your guidelines, I blend myan calenendar ring into the black jaguar and into the skull with some headdress and jewelry at the bottom.
I hope you like it.
Best regards.
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