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Marvel's Black Panther Wrist Tattoo

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Marvel's Black Panther Wrist Tattoo - new design
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February 2 2019 8:25am

No Subject

Submitted design #365896

Totally understand, made the design simpler and bolder to stand out and yet keep it's detail on your wrist.
red_velvet     Contest Holder
January 31 2019 9:56pm

Just wondering

If the banner or ribbon above the text could be made a little simpler. Unless I move it to a different spot the detail will be lost because of the size of the tattoo.
red_velvet     Contest Holder
January 31 2019 9:51pm

thanks for the explanation

helps to know what i'd be flashing at people while it heals if i go this route
January 29 2019 12:05pm

No Subject

Submitted design #365611

like this for example
January 29 2019 12:02pm

no subject

Hello again,
I purposefully made the spear just as a shadow so it wouldn't be as hard to tattoo but I get that it might stretch too far? Maybe I could show you it lying over the top so it's flat?
The text says home, amsterdam and then family, I thought they looked cooler blended in with the pattern.
red_velvet     Contest Holder
January 29 2019 1:18am


I like this better. I think the top line would be hard to tattoo because of how intricate it is and where it would end up on my body. What did you opt for in the center for text? Not sure about the arrow in the center but not sure what to replace it with.
January 28 2019 2:46pm

No Subject

Submitted design #365551

Thanks for the feedback! I toned it down a little (totally got what you mean about it being busy) I kept the kind of idea but took away a few bits and made the pattern bigger to fit the wrist (again took from the movie). If you have anything specific you'd like to see I could draw something up for you!
Thanks again,
January 27 2019 8:06am

No Subject

Submitted design #365452

Hey there,
First of all I want to say that this is such a cool tattoo idea, I love black panther and weirdly was watching it not that long ago, so it's kind of fate for me to send in a design.
This is my design, I went for a simple, clean one due to it will hold and keep its shape/colour for longer on the wrist. I went for a kind of easily recognisable symbol in the black panther necklace to start, then took patterns from okoye's armour to make the 'collar' then her spear and m'baku's staff/weapon in a cross as they are your favourites. Then 'home' and 'family' in wakandan. Along with (the iconic) wakanda forever, which I tracked down the font in the movie to use.
If you have any questions, comments or changes please don't hesitate to let me know, I'll get back to you asap!
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