Lower arm sleeve tattoo | idea #121484

Lower arm sleeve tattoo

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Lower arm sleeve tattoo - idea
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September 28 2013 5:33pm


sorry for the delay, I've been visiting with my parents who just moved after 30 years in the same house lol...quite an adventure. I should have your drawing all finished my tonight, I noticed you mentioned black/grey only with blue the last time---are you stll wanting the same color scheme?
Stakka90     Contest Holder
September 24 2013 3:46am


As for the time on the clock I don't really thought of a time.. Any thing will be fine
Stakka90     Contest Holder
September 24 2013 3:45am

Looks great

Yea I was thinkn it would have to be on a bigger part of my body to get all the detail I was thinkn of and being on a smaller part of my body it will end up looking like a big blob lol. And then the owl can still be still washe out look with great detail. Thanks, awesome as thank you. Even if it's not sugar skull face I can hve a sugar skull chick on my arm at a later time rather then two ideas in the one. What ever you decide any way. You drawing is unreal I will be selecting you as the winner. I will leave it running any way until you finish drawing. :) Look forward to your drawing :)
September 23 2013 10:35pm

no problem

I can do more of a sugar skull face on the own, to be honest it was hard to get the face on there with any detail so eliminating it will allow you much more flexibility on the size, right now it needs to be pretty big to get all the details. I'll have something up in the next day or two for you...any particular time on the clock?
Stakka90     Contest Holder
September 23 2013 10:16pm

Thank U. Love it


I love this design I'm thinkn I won't put the sugar skull face in the body any more. And maybe just have the owl. And clock. I love how that all is Would it be hard to have the owls eyes etc look sugar skull ? Still keeping the owls ears (head). ? Def a winner I think but thank you
September 22 2013 7:42pm


Submitted design #121484

Hi there
I saw your contest today so I wasn't able to get this all colored yet, but if you like it & end up choosing it I can color/shade it to your specifications and edit any details you may want (such as the time on the clock) or add anything you like. Such a fun design to draw up, hope it's what you're looking for. TYou will have 7 days to work with your chosen artist regardless and get all the details perfected anyway :-)
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