Lion head and mask piece | new doodle #263041

Lion head and mask piece

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new doodle

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Lion head and mask piece - New perspective
Lion head and mask piece - Update
Lion head and mask piece - new doodle
Lion head and mask piece - really scribbly
Lion head and mask piece - rough first


legendenis     Contest Holder
June 5 2016 7:15pm

Hey Silencer

It's becoming a lot less noticeable, the only change I would have is to tuck the chin in a little bit, as If the mask was looking down slightly more.

The mane is looking great on the back, the only change I would have is to make the top a bit more rough instead of a smooth wave that it sort of looks like now.

Great addition on the left of the face mask as well with the mane.

That's all I got for now silencer, sorry I couldn't reply earlier.

Good luck! Thanks again
June 4 2016 1:17pm

trying a better perspective

Submitted design #263141

I sent a rough again to try to nail down the perspective of the face before getting into details. Let me know how this looks/works.

I also changed the rough outline of the mane, let me know if this is any better...also added some mane (in black scribble for now) on the other side of the head to help the perspective along also.

Can't wait to hear!
legendenis     Contest Holder
June 3 2016 3:05pm

One more

legendenis     Contest Holder
June 3 2016 3:05pm


So the mane doesn't necessarily have to be realistic, I don't mind if it has more lines than usual or what not, the mane I am okay with some creativity just so that it overall gives a badass look.
June 3 2016 2:47pm

Great reference!

Great shots to help with the mask! Thank you for those! As for the lion's mane, let me know what you have in mind...I'll leave it as is until I can see what you'd like...and if you can't find it, I'm good with you doing a rough sketch to show a shape or direction...kinda like the one you originally attached and was hand-drawn. Thanks again, I'll be back at it! =D
legendenis     Contest Holder
June 3 2016 2:42pm

Another picture

Here's another view
legendenis     Contest Holder
June 3 2016 2:42pm


Wow, so great work...
I'm seeing a few things.

Lion's face is looking pretty damn good at this point.

A few things I see that stick out at this point

1. Mask angle is still apparently different than that of the lion. (I feel like it should be looking a little further down, and right* - from the masks perspective* - or our left looking at the picture)

2. The face should be more metallic and mask like - pretty much exact replica of the Tiger of Gaul mask I will attach.

3. I'd like to try a metal jaw like in the "Tiger of Gaul" mask as well, so it can transition from the real lion to the metallic bottom jaw. - I will attach photos to help.

4. Please don't kill too much time shading the mane as it's a huge part, and I think I'd like the mane to be a bit more wild. Once I find some pics I will add them.

As i can only choose 1 file, i will upload some more pics to the main page.
June 3 2016 1:59pm


Submitted design #263044

Ok, here's an update. I'll be heading into work soon, but I'll check it when I come back!
June 3 2016 1:04pm

new doodle

Submitted design #263041

Ok, new day new doodle! I'm going to start refining to help you get a better visual but here is the new rough trying to get a better angle on the human part of the mask
legendenis     Contest Holder
June 2 2016 11:07pm

New design

Wow yeah, much different and more along the path I was looking at.

Sizing is much better!

Angle is great, the only thing i'd change is the mask's angle, to match the direction of the lion. So a bit more downward.

Mask is looking promising!

Well done for such a short amount of time, I like where it's headed, I think you understand better where i'd like this to be headed.

Keep it up! Any questions toss them my way.
June 2 2016 10:49pm

really scribbly

Submitted design #262956

Sorry for how quick and scribble-ish this is...but I wanted to try some size/posing before getting detailed. Is this any better?
June 2 2016 9:21pm

Thanks for the feedback

Great feedback! I'll get right on it and try another =D
legendenis     Contest Holder
June 2 2016 9:14pm

Hey Silencer

Thanks for the submission first of all and the effort!

I'm having a hard time seeing the lion with the tribal design, and I'd really like to be able to see the detail. Especially the eyes. I think that it will add to the beast feel.

I'd like the Lion's head to be slightly larger than the actual mask as well.

I added a change to the angle I'd like, instead of a full on profile view, I'd prefer a bit more forward facing, so kind of an in-between forward and profile.

I really like how the mask is coming along with the line work.

Thanks again!
June 2 2016 8:51pm

rough first

Submitted design #262949

just a rough first thrown together. I know you want hyper-realism so I can try to switch gears as we go over the tribal thing I got going on now.

Can't wait to hear from you!
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