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Leo Tattoo

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Entry : #222420

color and grayscale

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Leo Tattoo - color and grayscale
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Leo Tattoo - rough sketch


August 31 2015 5:23pm

Question - Extension


I just wanted to ask...since you extended the contest...you definitely didn't find what you were looking for! So can I just ask what else you wanted so I'm not blind if i give it another go? Thanks!!
August 27 2015 10:31am


You're too kind! I'm glad you love it, I made the image 6 inches by 6 inches...but your artist can resize it to whatever location and such that you'd want. I always leave those details up to the actual applying artist, just because I won't be the application artist.
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 27 2015 1:03am


How large would you say i should get it the dimensions i posted were just a whatever number... whats your opinion
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 26 2015 10:51pm


Damn dude this is a freaking work of art that i think im going to have on me forever! :D
August 26 2015 5:10pm


I also wanted to mention I fixed the nose as was discussed with the 3/4 view. It should hopefully look a little more united with the profile. I also think that the Deltoid is a great place for this. Chest, scapula, lots of options. This is up to you and your artist, has to make you happy where you and the world see it!
August 26 2015 5:09pm


Submitted design #222420

Hello again, as promised! The update! I wasn't sure exactly what you had in mind for color...so I have two options side by side. Grayscale and A fiery scheme. Let me know your continuing thoughts. =)
August 26 2015 4:20pm

I'm on it

Haha thank you so much for all of the excellent feedback! I'm going to be working on it now and sending you a new update shortly. Hang tight ;D
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 25 2015 11:21pm


And literally the mouth is sick and perfect!
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 25 2015 11:20pm

Things i like

the beard is sick i really like that haha.... the mane if freaking awesome as hell and the color would make it crazy! the ear is literally spot on and the jaw fuzz and everything make it super realistic! The only complaint is since it is a profile view he is looking to the left.. and the nose is almost like a 3/4 view.. if it matched the profile and i know(had less detail) it would make it fit more.. but to be honest i dont think that would matter you get everything from the calm stern look.. so if that was more profile to fit the rest of the face it might look even better than then we could see that final idea! and id make it art! :D
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 25 2015 11:05pm


This is really interesting id like to see your final design because im love with your idea so far. All the other ones were going to be on my deltoid. Where would you think i should get you majestic creature?
CTCRAWFORD     Contest Holder
August 25 2015 10:51pm

Holy crap

This is literally so damn sick! The other designs have been quite plane and ive liked them this is the first majorly complex one and its quite interesting so let me brood on it
August 25 2015 7:17pm

roughed out

Submitted design #222244

I wanted to send a rough outline of my idea. I want to try to capture the movement you mentioned of a fiery mane and the serious calm nature of the face. Let me know your thoughts!
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