Large landscape for mountain veteran | shoulder2 #366856

Large landscape for mountain veteran

Designs by: Jesus6B


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Large landscape for mountain veteran - CS2
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Large landscape for mountain veteran - back
Large landscape for mountain veteran - desing


February 18 2019 10:52am


Perfect, bro! .. It only remains to wait for the contest to end. :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 18 2019 9:23am

I think you've got it complete

This is the clear winner, I think it's done at this point :)

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this
February 18 2019 9:06am


Submitted design #367032

February 18 2019 9:05am


Submitted design #367031

Greetings, friend! I think that this sky goes very well with the landscape, I feel that it fits much better. How about? :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 8:04pm

Partly cloudy sky

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Whispy clouds
February 17 2019 7:27pm


What do you think if I try this time with a clear sky with random clouds that is neither cirrus nor cloudy
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 7:20pm


You're right; that would look weird with those clouds. They would have to be small, whispy clouds on a mostly empty sky. I see what you mean.
February 17 2019 7:12pm


February 17 2019 7:11pm


It would be something like this
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 7:03pm

Simple clouds

I think I like the idea of simple ink clouds. I'll play with it in MS Paint
February 17 2019 6:58pm


Ehmm .. think about this: The white in the design will be skin color in the tattoo made. So they would be simple black ink clouds. You can have an idea with the simulations in photoshop.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 6:46pm


I love that update. That looks awesome.

I'm a little concerned with the amount of ink to make the sky...what about a white background (my super white) with inked clouds? Does that make sense?
February 17 2019 5:21pm


Submitted design #367009

February 17 2019 5:20pm


Submitted design #367008

That's how the design would look, with a cirrus sky. How do you like it? :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 17 2019 7:18am

I'm excited

No problem, it's worth the wait
February 17 2019 7:15am


Hey, bro! I already have the design ready with the other clouds, but I have had connection problems. As soon as I solve this problem I upload the design. Regards :)
February 15 2019 5:32pm


Do not worry, it's what I do and it's important that you have a great design. I made these clouds with storm / fog / cloudy style for the theme of the rescue, etc. But I can try a clearer sky and see what you think.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 5:23pm

There's your winner.

I doubt anybody is going to beat that, ever.

I wonder what it would look like with whispier clouds? I really wish I had your skills with this so I wouldn't keep asking for details. If you changed the cumulonimbus to some cirrus, or stratocirrus, would look better or worse? I think it would look less foreboding, less...enveloping danger of a storm. Are you willing to play with that?
February 15 2019 5:03pm


Submitted design #366885

February 15 2019 5:02pm


Submitted design #366884

MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 4:28pm

Yes, yes I do.

I figured I would just tell the tattoo artist to drag the clouds over and blend it in; if you're up for it, have at it! You can anything you want at this point, as I'm pretty sure we have a contest winner with your last submission.
February 15 2019 4:26pm


Haha that's fine .. Yes, of course! Another thing, do you want to prolong the clouds to join it with your existing tattoo?
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 4:22pm


I've never loved a tattoo design more that this.
you absolutely crushed it.

One last tweak?
Can you open up the "X" of the ice axes a few degrees? To the same angle as the first version.
February 15 2019 4:12pm


Submitted design #366879

February 15 2019 4:11pm


Submitted design #366878

February 15 2019 4:10pm


Submitted design #366877

How do you like the new modifications now? :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 1:31pm

Same Style

Keep to the same style you've been drawing. It looks great.
The shape of the cessna is just so you know what plane I'm talking about (I'm a pilot).

The plane should go on the back somewhere. Wherever you want it, as long as it doesn't go above the collar of a t-shirt.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 1:28pm

Ice Axes

I LOVE..LOVE the ice axes.
Just shrink them down so the mountains are bigger than the ice axes. They can be centered and flush with the bottom of the piece; I just don't want them to dominate the picture. But they look super cool and should stay in there and stay centered. It's only their size that should change.

You already mentioned fixing the rectangle shape of the whole thing, very cool. Nature is random, this should be no different with it's edges. It has random trees, random water patterns...there's a random kayak in the water lol All of it is great.

Thank you
February 15 2019 1:27pm


Do you want the plane in the landscape of your back or shoulder? .I have a doubt. When you attach images of "silhouettes" in black, do you want this style? or do you want to maintain the style of drawing that we have been maintaining ?.
February 15 2019 1:17pm


I am very happy that you like the final results. The truth is that I am not a tattooist, for now I am dedicated to drawing and designing the tattoo itself, but I do not rule out that in the future I can enter the world of "tattoo artist". In fact, I'm from Venezuela. :) I do not live in the USA

OK sounds good. You're right, I had not noticed the "rectangle" shape that the landscape has, I will improve it. I plan to place the ice axes in a style like the compass, the kayak, etc. What you think?. Thanks bro!
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 1:15pm


Think you sneak a cessna in there?
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 1:06pm

You in Texas?

Where are you located? and can you use a tattoo gun?
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 15 2019 1:03pm

I think you did it

The only change I can see is to shrink the ice axes down to their original size, just so they aren't stealing the show. I want that landscape to have the spotlight.

This is amazing work. You've done what others have quit on; I actually just broke it off with my tattoo artist yesterday. If I ever get another piece done, I'm going to hire you for it.

Now that I'm starring at it, I like the SHAPE of the original back piece. The new one is clearly a ...rectangle? I don't want to frustrate you; I know you've put in a lot of work here. But could you remove the shadowing on the left and right sides, by the threes? The clouds look great, but they should stay in the mountain tops.
Maybe the shape of the water as well...I like the randomness in the first version that didn't appear to have an even line drawn as the end of the water's foreground. does that make sense? I'm just nitpicking here.

The way this is going, I can just show it to a competent tattoo artist and get it done without any adjustments. I'm super happy with these results. I'm going to give this one 5 stars.
February 15 2019 12:35pm


Submitted design #366858

February 15 2019 12:34pm


Submitted design #366857

February 15 2019 12:34pm


Submitted design #366856

Hey, bro! How do these new modifications seem to you? What can we improve even more? :)
February 14 2019 1:12pm


It seems good to me, I will work on it. :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 14 2019 12:58pm

Empty lake

AND remove the rope from the HANDLES of the ice axes. The ropes' curvy lines just add too much.

I thin I'm ok with an empty lake. I see what you're saying, but I think it will look ok...and I can always add to it later.

Definitely use the first style of kayak (the second one is a white water kayak, which we couldn't put in a lake)

That might do it. I couldn't ask for any better. You're doing great work.
February 14 2019 11:05am


Thank you for being attentive and for your suggestions, this is the key to creating a great design. Perfect, let's see if I understood.
1. I will move the kayak without the subject to the right side, next to the trees.
2. I will add a cloudy environment on the mountain peaks.
3. I will change the knot of the rope of the carabinner by a rope with a knot of 8.
4. Remove the rope that connects the crossed axes.

I do not think anything else escapes me. One more thing, when you move the kayak in the middle, there will be a free space in the lake. What you think?.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 14 2019 10:52am

Rope attaches like this

You pretty have this contest won. Don't tell anyone lol

The rope attaches to the carbiner like this. Feel free to change the rope graphic so it's not so difficult to draw. They usually just have alternating color so you can see when the rope is moving.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 14 2019 10:50am


I figured it out. It's missing clouds.


Okay, so, we can't have the birds going above the collar of a t-shirt (no neck tattoos in the military) so you removed the birds. We need clouds. Clouds can be right at the mountain tops and even go a little above an below the peaks and it'll really add a nice element.Think whispy clouds that hang out around mountains and don't have solid edges.

You've done exactly what I've asked and I'm just wrestling with perfection here.
Can you put the original kayak in but take the dude out of it? Maybe make it smaller so it doesn't stand out...maybe over by the trees on the right? That way it's a symbol of kayaking but not the center of attention.

Remove the rope from the ice axes (it looks cool and I would totally have a rope with me if I'm using them, but it looks cluttered on a tattoo). And use the ..well the ice tools there are fine but can you take the rope off the handles as well? so they're just plain crossed ice axes With no ropes attached.

The rope ....oh THE COMPASS IS ON THE CARABINER! That's neat.

Ok then, let's make it a climbing rope with a double figure-eight on it (I'll attach a picture)
February 14 2019 9:47am


Submitted design #366779

February 14 2019 9:46am


Submitted design #366778

Ok my friend, I have made some modifications so that the design has more aspect of "landscape" and mixes everything in a better way. What do you think?. With my shoulder I still have some doubts on how to mix it, both with the chest tattoo and with the one on the back. I come to mind more clouds, birds, ropes, helicopters, storms, lifeguards, etc. That's why I would like you to tell me any ideas you have in mind for this. Thank you! :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 13 2019 4:29pm

No worries

You've done amazing work; you pretty much have this in the bag. You fine tune it and I'll let you know if there is anything left to get to perfection.
February 13 2019 3:55pm


I'm working on your design, bro. I have been a little busy with work, etc. But today you will have a new entry! Thank you!
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 8:50pm

Standing out

So, I don't want the items in the piece to stand out as individual tattoos on top of another tattoo. I want everything blended together. I'm really not sure I can articulate my thoughts here.

Not like a hidden picture search to "find the kayak in the tattoo" but painted in such a way that the kayak just fits (and compass, and ice axes...) fits in perfectly. Like, if you're looking at a landscape photo and notice that there's a kayak in there. But I definitely don't want this photo quality; what you're doing is the perfect style.

The shoulder.
Basically, make the shoulder piece take up more space so it wraps around the curve of my shoulder and into the back portion, they should be one picture. This whole piece should be one picture that blends from chest to back.
February 11 2019 8:50pm


Ok, I'll work on it .. Thanks :)
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 8:45pm


Something like this. Maybe put it in the sky? I think that would help it blend in.

So the compass is recessed into the case, it has depth and accuracy and looks beautifully engineered. Only if you can make it work, these are not concrete rules. You're the artist, and I respect that. Have fun
February 11 2019 8:39pm


Perfect, bro. Thank you for being attentive, I'm glad you like where I'm going with all this. Ok, I still can not understand what you mean when you say that the symbols do not "stand out a lot", do you want everything to be mixed in a better way? What details would you like to add to complement the shoulder design?
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 8:36pm

Ice Axes

Whichever of these you can make look cool
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 8:36pm

A few ideas

Here are a couple examples of changes to the individual items.
MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 8:25pm


Alright. Here goes...

1) The birds on the back can't go up so high, this has to be hidden in a military uniform and that's getting awfully close to visible above the shirt line. but it's beautiful, good work.

2) The background is GORGEOUS. The mountains, the trees, the water...all of it. beautiful background.

3) Let's get rid of the ice climber; I don't ice climb very much so he doesn't really fit my personality.

On to the nitty-gritty

1) Can you make the symbols stand out less? I'm not sure how I would change it, but they seem to be big attention grabbers and I want this piece to look like one, cohesive picture with out focus points. Again, I'm not sure exactly how to do that.

2) The compass is beautiful but let's simplify it. I can't imagine pulling that thing out of my pocket and using it. Check out a military compass, it's intricate and simple all at once.

Anything that you feel would give the small pieces a more tactical look would be cool. See how the crossed ice axes look almost combat ready? Just a thought.

Alright, go after those changes, blend everything together so it wraps around the shoulder seamlessly and blends into the existing tattoo. You're miles ahead of anyone else, great work.

MountainTim     Contest Holder
February 11 2019 7:58pm


dood. That is great work.
I'm going to stare at it for a bit and annotate anything I would like tweaked.
February 11 2019 7:32pm

Close Up

Submitted design #366616

February 11 2019 7:32pm


Submitted design #366615

February 11 2019 7:31pm


Submitted design #366614

Hi friend! I have made a first design following your idea. I was wondering if you are looking for something of this style or would like to improve some detail. Still need to improve details, especially in the shoulder and how the existing tattoo is attached, etc. I would appreciate your qualification and guidelines to improve the design, Thanks. :)
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