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Help Fight Cancer! - Fight Cancer
Help Fight Cancer! - cancer ribbon design


February 25 2010 4:53pm

Late in the game

I know I am a little late in entering along I have been going off what you have told the others. But if you like my design but feel like its missing an element I would be willing to work with you more after the contest ends to get it perfect.

I just wanted to say that my grandfather past away from lung cancer and I support what you people are doing here. Wether I get the win or not I wish you all the best and that the event is a success. You are a flame that burns bright for the people struggling with the disease and their families, that there is hope and that we are working towards a cure.
tamarab    Contest Holder
February 24 2010 6:15pm

Thank you !

Everything looks great!
tamarab    Contest Holder
February 17 2010 6:33am


I just rated all the tattoo designs and gave individual feedback on how to make your designs perfect. I am working with a committee and they all gave me their straightforward first impressions of what they liked and didn't like. I gave the feedback that way. I hope you aren't offended. I didn't know how else to give it. Feel free to make the changes if you want or keep your artwrork as designed. I wanted to be honest so you will know exactly what we are looking for so you don't waste too much time in the wrong direction. All your work is beautiful. We are looking for something very specific to capture the feel of our fun event and cause. Great job! Hope you are having as much fun with this as we are! If you have questions about how I worded the feedback then please let me know.
tamarab    Contest Holder
February 14 2010 12:25pm

Feedback on all designs so far

Thanks for the designs so far. Here are our thoughts about what has been submitted so far-
#2163 and #2202- We like 2202's awesome flames upward, additional detail and swirls. Colors could be richer on both.
Not sure what to do with the cancer ribbon. It is really hard to work it into any of these designs so far. Like #2203 how she incorporated the ribbon as a western lasso but didn't like the feel of the design of 2203 as much for our needs.
#2188 and #2189- Right on with the colors, brightness and love the steer. Love the rose on head. Ribbon again not working into design. A crisp edge verses blended background would work better for our design.
New thought. How about doing the ribbon more like a band or sash like the ed hardy love kills slowly example I attached. We could add text to the sash in our marketing or keep in without words. We can scrap the cancer ribbon idea unless someone can make it work. The cancer ribbon can be a rope, the end of the sash, or incorporated into the green swirls or branches.
We like a lot of detail with the swirls, branches, leaves and such.
Hope this helps! You are all amazing artists with a different look each. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this cause.
February 13 2010 9:13pm

Help Fight Cancer

I really enjoyed drawing this Tat pattern. I incorporated the ribbon with rope, the branding iron and on the skulls hat. I believe it bright enough. Please send me any feedback , Thank you Doober Doo
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