heaven and hell sleeve tattoo

heaven and hell sleeve tattoo





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heaven and hell sleeve - Dante's Hell
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heaven and hell sleeve - Detail Bottom Third
heaven and hell sleeve - Detail Middle
heaven and hell sleeve - Detail Top Third
heaven and hell sleeve - More Angels
heaven and hell sleeve - Some Angels
heaven and hell sleeve - Hell
heaven and hell sleeve - Heaven and Hell
heaven and hell sleeve - Hell
heaven and hell sleeve - My Markers Died =/
heaven and hell sleeve - Glutony through Violence
heaven and hell sleeve - Earth and Limbo
heaven and hell sleeve - Chest Detail
heaven and hell sleeve - Back Detail
heaven and hell sleeve - Heaven (Shoulder, Chest, and Back)
heaven and hell sleeve - Arm Design


July 5 2011 3:37am

Working on Design...should have pics up really soon

I have a design I started and I went with a more original feel, trying not to copy literally from pieces of fine art. I hope to hear from you once I post some work up.
July 4 2011 1:18pm


im working on it thru the whole holiday weekend 13 hrs yesterday and bout 4 so far today .
July 4 2011 1:10pm


Let me say I been researching this tattoo request since day 1 and its crazy awesome. I love the idea behind it and the fact I dont think anyone has this tattoo. Maybe dante lol. Anyways do you want the tattoo to be the same as the demons angels etc that dante imaged or something more detailed and personal. Realistic but not copyrighted exactly? Im assuming you want the idea but not the exact designs he used. Correct me if im wrong. Again thanks for the challenge you ave gave to us fellow artist, and thank you for serving our country. Be Safe and God Bless you and your loved ones.
June 30 2011 2:54am


Sweet, that's what I have done so far laying it out. Realistic opposed to designed?
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
June 29 2011 11:00pm


well, a combination of all those would be great =]
June 28 2011 11:59am


Do you want the circles represented by the sins and people that end up there? Or what is actually described as being there such as the monsters demons, fire and havoc
June 27 2011 11:48pm


So do you want just the seven? Cause there are actually, in Dante's Inferno, nine circles of hell.
June 24 2011 2:05pm

Concerning figures

The figures you want representing the 7 sins or circles do you want the to look like everyday people? Meaning shirts, ball caps etc.
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
June 22 2011 11:48pm


yes detail is a must. i want it to be a really great piece of art =]
June 22 2011 11:28pm


This sounds like a great challenge! I'm assuming a high amount of detail would be wanted?
June 8 2011 3:34am


I had a similar problem - try contacting #, they hopefully should be able to help! :)
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
June 8 2011 3:10am

more time

how do i extend it? when time runs out i can just choose to extend it or something?
June 8 2011 12:30am


thats a TALL order! hope folks come through for you...with 5 hours left I think I'm toooo late! the best!
June 7 2011 11:40pm


yeah lack of time when you actually have to study the subject. heh.
June 7 2011 9:09pm

more time.

this is a complicated concept that requires more than 14 days. please extend the contest.
June 7 2011 7:49pm

more time

I am with the other people requesting more time. I have been on the road with no way to work. More time please.
June 7 2011 6:17pm


ugh, i spent a majority of the time researching the seven circles of hell and realized last night that there is no way i will be able to produce my best work in a day considering i have my own clients to tattoo today...so, more time please!!!
June 7 2011 4:18pm

no entries??

Wow I can't believe nobody tried this---I had no time last week but if you extend the contest I'll give it a go...not sure if my abilities are up to par on this one though!
June 3 2011 8:31pm


hey i had a couple ideas for your sleeve like maybe having satan right above your wrist and incorperatting the 7 circles all around him in like a collage ex.. wasps every where cerabus gaurding the boiling river of blood also another cerabus eating muck and sludge the having a layer of bedrock around the elbow with jesus or god stretching his arm down to help save the souls and had the idea of a perfect city in the clouds for heaven with angles every where and god sitting in his throne at your tip of shoulder
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
June 2 2011 5:51am


i have no clue what that paper but i have no problem with having to re size it.
June 2 2011 4:45am


hey man, i might have to do the piece on A3 paper, if you choose the design then your tattoo artist will have to resize the image and modify it somewhat to fit your body. will this be fine?
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
June 1 2011 8:41am


there were originally only 7 circles. i'm not sure how the last 2 came about but they were way after the book. and yes, i want them to be represented somehow from my wrist to my elbow. it doesnt have to be all 7 or 9 which ever one you go from, just something that will make scene of them. and i love the idea of the flat piece. it would be much easier that way. thanks!
June 1 2011 5:24am


hey, i'll give it a go, just wanna clarify, there are actually 9 circles of hell in dante's inferno represented by lust,greed glutton etc, do you want these sins represented from your wrist up to you elbow? and then from the elbow up it moves into a heaven scene, with angels on your shoulder blade and pec? this will most likely be a flat piece that your chosen tattoo artist will modify to fit you specifically.
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
May 28 2011 5:05pm


umm, im not really looking for things from mythology, but shoot for it. the dante's inferno was just a thought of what i would like the hell to be themed as. so shoot for it. thanks =]
May 27 2011 11:11pm


I was wondering, would you also like the River Styx, along with Ceberus, Minos, Plutus, and Geryon?
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
May 25 2011 1:25pm


i love your work, especially your colored stuff. i have no colored tattoos yet and figure this one would be a good first. do what you want with it, and i might need to clarify a little more, dante's inferno the book, not the game hahah. some people might figure im talking about the game but i have never even played it. the book is extremely old, and you should be able to find some illustration of dante's inferno on google. thank you alissa!
May 25 2011 10:45am


I would love to do this for you! Check out my profile and contests Im working on....let me know.
anthonybyrne89    Contest Holder
May 25 2011 10:28am


since i am in iraq i have limited, or set times to be on the internet. so if you are working on a design could you please post so i can know if i have some designs coming in soon. thanks.
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