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Hawaiian tribal cross

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Hawaiian tribal cross - Revised Version
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Hawaiian tribal cross - with labels
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Hawaiian tribal cross - with labels
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mantici     Contest Holder
May 22 2019 5:43am

Sweet Jesus on the Cross!

That is incredible! It's perfection! Wow thank you so much for this!
May 22 2019 4:48am

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Submitted design #372263

Hi Mike,
Yes that make sense! Indeed, after thinning the Honu symbol and added a swirl to the peaks on the right and left side of the Honu the design looks more balanced. Thank you for pointing this out! Working together definitely gives the best outcome ^^! I'm uploading the revised version right away :)!

Thank you
mantici     Contest Holder
May 21 2019 12:35pm

I love this

i really do love this art. . . before this ends, is there any chance i can see this with the Honu (turtle) thinned out a little bit? I'm not REALLY sure i want to do that, but when i look at it from a distance, it just seems a little bit top-heavy, if that makes any sense.

Thinning the lines of the Honu, (and maybe the doing something to thin out the peaks to the left and right of it? maybe make it a swirl like it's swimming?) may make it look a little more balanced. Then again, i may hate it and stick with this one, but i have to know, since it's going on my body! :)

i mean it's entirely possible it'll not be doable since it's such a small area, you're the pro here, so let me know if it's not a good idea!


May 21 2019 1:40am

Thank you so much

Oh my God! Thank you so much! I'm so happy she likes it too ^^. And I thank you for letting me be a part of all this, this is important. ))
mantici     Contest Holder
May 20 2019 3:59pm

One word

My wife had one word when she saw it (and my interpretation).. . ."WOW"

so i'm ending my contest early and will pick this one!!!!
May 20 2019 8:30am


Awwww thank you so much!^_^
I hope she'll agree for a 5stars* hehe...just like my hubby it's him who see my tattoos more than me (since they are on my back).
I really like your Polynesian tattoo interpretation and I truly wanted to do my very best to incorporate these very meaningful symbols in the tattoo design for you.

mantici     Contest Holder
May 20 2019 6:39am

I think you've nailed it!

I gave it only 4 stars because my wife hasn't seen it yet, and i need her input (since she'll see it more than i will probably! :) )

BTW, all the symbols in this are amazing thank you!. . .

here's what it all means to me (my interpretation)

Honu: patience and long life - Honu at the head of the cross: = live forever with Jesus in eternity
Shark teeth: represents shelter or coverage, guidance, power, ferocity, adaptability,
waves - Ocean - life, fertility and persistence, also represents heaven, where they go after death

Entata: represents us (people)
fish: Represents Jesus to me, but in hawaiian tattoo design usually means prosperity, riches, fertility and life
Spearheads: strength, courage, fight and when combined with enata symbols, can mean defeating the enemy

Enata + Fish + Spearheads = People and Jesus together as the body of Christ defeating the enemy.

3 crosses + 2 flowers: Jesus and ONE of the thieves turned believer in paradise.
May 18 2019 9:29am

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Submitted design #372055

With Labels
May 18 2019 9:28am

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Submitted design #372053

Hi, i'm back with the new version :)!
May 18 2019 2:48am


Hi, i’m so glad you like it. Thank you for the feedback :)! I’ll try something else with less pronounced plumerias and will find a way to replace the solid black which kind of surrounding the cross by some maori swirls. I’ll be back as soon as i finish.

mantici     Contest Holder
May 17 2019 9:32pm

I like it

very close. . . i do like where this is going. This is an awesome design!

I'm not sure i'm a fan of the Plumeria. I mean i LOVE plumeria, but i think they're too big or at least too pronounced. Perhaps maybe, there is some way we can do the flowers a and black near it as maori style "swirls" instead of solid black? I uploaded an armband i found similar to what i'm thinking. I'd like to see some of this worked in (somehow)

The only other issue i see is the 3 crosses. . . if we can't get the flowers near the center cross and only of the side crosses then maybe we should just eliminate the 3 crosses completely. They're supposed to represent that jesus (the center cross) and ONE of the others went to paradise after they died.
May 17 2019 11:05am

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Submitted design #372013

May 17 2019 11:05am

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Submitted design #372012

Hi, thank you for the invite :)!
I hope you like the Hawaiian tribal cross I drew for you. Let me know your thoughts i'll be glad to help more.

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