Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece | Design #32536

Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece

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Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece - Design
Winning Entry
Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece - On sides
Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece - On back
Gigantic celtic knot/zoomorphic knot to finich my backpiece - Placement of the tattoo


February 16 2012 3:24am


I'm glad You like what I have draw for You, and yes I can send You a copy of the design by mail that will be no problem. You can e-mail me your address on

# - create my tattoo does not allow to give e-mail address so I must type like this ( at, dot ).
ericg84     Contest Holder
February 16 2012 12:28am


I would like to get youre email or something so that when i get home I could maybe get you to send me the flash that you drew this on or a copy maybe. I will be home from overseas very soon and would like to have the flash if at all possible. I would pay any and all shipping costs and then some if you could send it but let me know if you can i would be very appriciative.


ericg84     Contest Holder
February 15 2012 11:09am

RE: Design

this knot more than I could have hoped for! You are a legendary artist to be able to make designs like this one! I am glad that you decided to undertake designing my tattoo for me.
February 14 2012 11:05am


Submitted design #32536

This one shows You actual design, I have put phoenix heads on each side of shoulder blades, and dragon heads on bottom of your back ( see image "on sides" ) You will see that dragon heads go almost to your abdomen.

So tell me what do You think? Is this "it" what You where looking for?
February 14 2012 11:01am

On sides

Submitted design #32535

this image shows how far it goes under your arms.
February 14 2012 11:00am

On back

Submitted design #32533

here it is your design, this image shows You how it would look on your back with current tattoos.
ericg84     Contest Holder
February 4 2012 3:40am


Thank you I look forward to seing how it comes out. Hope I haven't been too picky if I have im sorry but I think you will deliver exactly what I have asked for, if you have any other questions please let me know.

and thank you again
February 4 2012 2:27am

Everything I need

I got everything I need for now, so I can start to design your tattoo. I will try to make it as good as it can be.
ericg84     Contest Holder
February 3 2012 11:55pm


i got the images to upload finally so you could get a rough idea of what i was talking about on the sides, again its up to youre descretion as to how much of the space to use.

I'm very excited to see what you come up with! I've browsed most of youre page ( Galleries) and feel quite honored that you want to help me design this tattoo!

hope to hear from ya.

ericg84     Contest Holder
February 3 2012 9:46am


I saw the peice on your page labeled celtic back with the dragon, definately like it ! It's the one labeled "celtic back". I like the whole thing if you caould make this anything like that i would be exstatic! as far as images im having trouble uploading right now my net here isn't the best so i guess youll have to use your good judgment on how far to wrap aroung my ribcage, I'll keep trying to get them up though. i would really like it to be as symetrical as possible as well
ericg84     Contest Holder
February 3 2012 8:33am


That is what im looking for, Im definately looking to go more towards the abdomen side of the ribcage. If the name could be incorporated into the design on maybe a scroll or something to tie it in would be sweet, I'll leave that up to you. ill upload a few more photos to help calrify on placement. its definately ok for protrusions from the area discussed in places that permit case i will be adding to this in the near future.


it like do it in black and white, not sure if you mean like a white and greywash by ''shades'' or if youre talking about a little color, i do not want colors if that is the case

i have wolves on the existing peice so i think the dog would be good, the dragons ive never seen as a zoomorph so im kind of curious to see how you do it, and the third....maybe a phoenix i think that could be cool
February 3 2012 7:30am

Placement and style

Submitted design #31672

First of all Thank You for the invite to design your "knot".

I have upload your image just to see with You the area You want to cover your back, please see in the image "the red " part, is this the area You want to cover, and You said that it needs to go under your arm pit and down your ribcage to the waist line, so my question is how far do You want it to go on your ribcage, more to the abdomen or just the area under your arm?

You said that You want a least 3 animals incorporated in the design, do You know what animals You want or You will leave that to me? If You ask me I would chose Dog, wolf and dragon.

And what "style" You want it to be, black and white or You want a little of shade in it?

Examples of my Celtic back designs ( if the link doesn't work You can check them out in my gallery on Deviantart, the link is on my home page here on C-M-T ).

Hope to hear from You soon!!

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