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Geometric Eye Customized

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The Eye

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Geometric Eye Customized - The Eye
Geometric Eye Customized - Eye and Feathers
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December 22 2018 12:41pm

How it's ging to be

I found this in the F.A.Qs section.
"How do I declare the winner? (To be Review)
You have up to 1 week to pick a winner. Simply go to your contest and click on the design you wish to award the prize to. There will be an “Award” button. Click on that button and the Artist will be notified that he/she is the winner! The artist will be instructed to send you the final tattoo design. Once you receive the design the prize money will be released to the artists."
As it is written, once you click on the award button, I will be instructed to send you the high-resolution image.
December 22 2018 12:30pm

I'm contacting Create My

Thank you for loving my design, I am so happy to see my creation is being loved as much as I do to it. Right now I'm contacting the website to how am I going to receive the prize. Later I can send you the hi-res photo through Gmail since it won't ruin the quality of the photo. Until the website replies my email, I think that once the competition is closed entirely, the host and the chosen one will then work together on everything the host needs.
I am pleased to work with you.
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 22 2018 8:48am


As you can see I've eliminated all the other options. Let me know how it suits you to send over the high res picture.
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 22 2018 8:42am

next step

thanks for the tip as well!

I'll close the contest in a sec and then we can take it from there :)
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 22 2018 8:41am


it's done

you've won, thank you mate
December 21 2018 11:52pm

2 inches and a half or 3inches should be fine

2.5 inches to 3 inches tattoo on the skin should be fine. As long as the tattoo is not too small (like 1 inch and a half), the detail will be perfectly displayed. Tell your tattooist to go with fine lines for the details, as long as the lines do not stick together, it's okay. For your reference: during the drawing process, I used 0.05 fine point pen for the smallest line(s); it may be different with the tattoo machine.
December 21 2018 2:37pm

Response to the previous comment

I am based in California. I will provide you my original work which you can zoom in to the details at contest completion if my design is what you choose. Thank you for your words and have a good night.
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 21 2018 12:35pm


Thanks, sounds good!

I don’t know where you live but I’m based in Europe and it’s getting late.
I’ll get back to you on this tomorrow :)

Til then lmk if you have any other comments/tips!
December 21 2018 12:25pm

Pupil's detail

I actually have a clearer and more define photo of the design, it's the original. The reason you can't see all the detail is that the website itself only allows photos with a certain resolution, we can't submit our high-resolution one.
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 21 2018 12:08pm


The only thing is that I can't see all the details properly inside the pupil.

If you win the contest, do you think you can send over a vector image or some refined drawing? I'd like to send this over to the tattoo artist, because I have a date locked for the 28th of december, and I don't know if she's willing to work during christmas time.

- also I'm not experienced in this, but do you think that all the little details would show and look good on the skin as well? it would be small-medium sized, a few inches only, like 2 or 3 inches
ds_ts     Contest Holder
December 21 2018 12:04pm

thank you!


Thank you so much for this design and your kind words!

I prefer the one without the triangle and I'm seriously considering ending the contest right now and going with this one. I like the idea of putting the lanter's design to the pupil. I also like the feathers on top and the dots below the eye.
December 20 2018 2:15am

Tribal texturized eye

Submitted design #363405

Here is my entry. Since you want to have some of the texture on the lantern onto the tattoo, and the lantern itself is a memento of your grandma, I brought what's on the lantern to the pupil. The feathers are for the tribal vibe that you hope for. To me, a pupil is more than just a pupil; it is the window to one's soul. Therefore, I meant to illustrate the eye as lively as possible and somehow reminds you of your beloved grandma also. I'm sorry for your loss and hope that your day will be better with my artwork. Thank you.
December 20 2018 1:55am

1st edition

Submitted design #363404

Since you gave varieties of eye designs, I can't help but wonder if you want a simple eye or some geometric add-on. I'm sending the 2nd edition also.
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