Future Family portrait Haida style | Edits! #120619

Future Family portrait Haida style

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Future Family portrait Haida style - Edits!
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Future Family portrait Haida style - Haida 2
Future Family portrait Haida style - Center done!
Future Family portrait Haida style - Haida
Future Family portrait Haida style - Questions!


smashing79     Contest Holder
September 17 2013 4:36am

Good night!

Thanks again! We can hopefully finish it up in the next days. Sleep well!
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 17 2013 4:32am

Second look, second thought...

Maybe I do like the green feathers instead of the structures, not sure!

I now perceived more changes, no structure above the sun, I like it but am not sure wether I like it better before

No tails, much better!!!

Anyways, although the contest is pretty much done, hopefully we can still keep working on the design!

Thanks so much!
September 17 2013 4:30am


Made the fin logger. Maybe adding less colour to the center? Maybe maybe less colour on the side wings might help Or more abstract shape. I'm going to bed now..its 5:30 am.. Lol. Getting very late.
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 17 2013 4:27am


About the center piece, yep that's what I meant but I am not sure, what do you think?

About the fin, did you do anything?

About the structures on the side. Yep, that's what I meant but I don't like it, you?
September 16 2013 10:05pm

No Subject

Submitted design #120619

Hows this look?

Oh, I cant see what the other artist's have done, its blocked from our view. But hopefully I got the idea right for the middle area!
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 16 2013 3:58am

one last comment

About the structures on the sides with the black and White triangles, I find them also a bit heavy. And I just thought that maybe you could instead bring the yellow feathers from the wings a the bottom towards the top so that they almost reach the structures that are on the sides of the sun. Just an idea... ;-)
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 16 2013 3:48am

concrete feedback on the latest design

Hi, now I can give you some specifics on the design, not many, just 5 comments:

1. I think that although the design is almost centered, it is a bit towards the right in terms of the sun and the lower part (the dogs and the bottom of the design), but just a bit.

2. my wife really likes what you did now with the image of the baby, but I still would want it to remain more abstract, so I really like one of the designs that another designer used (from my original posts), which is a circular design with something that to me looks like an eye and a flower) and the designer put color into the original design I uploaded, so something like that I would like but that still goes together with this new design you created.

3. One thing about the dolphin, the back fin I find too small, I really liked what another designer drew on his/her design where the elephant and the dolphin develop a continuity and created a kind of ying/yang balance between the animals. So maybe you can shrink the heart a bit and make the fin a bit bigger so that it has a similar shape to the trunk of the elephant like the other designer did

4. Between the dogs and the elephant/dolphin figures you drew something that on the elephant's side resembles a tail, and on the dolphin's side is the same thing but just flying around, I am not so fond of those "tails". Maybe you can draw a foot for the elephant similar to the one another designer drew on his/her most recent design.

5. We are not sure that such a huge structure is necessary a the top of the design, above the sun. We feel it makes the design heavier, what do you think?
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 16 2013 12:49am


Woooow!!!! Thanks so much for the new changes and for following the advice of focusing on touching up the design rather than redoing it. I love it! I think you were perfectly able to inject happiness and prehispanic influence to the design just like I wanted. Now I think that this is definitely a unique and extremely original design!

I will now look at the design in detail with a more critical eye and give you more concrete feedback in a few hours, but I just wanted to let you know what I felt right at the moment web I saw it so that you could catch my first impression. Thanks so much!
September 15 2013 5:36pm


Submitted design #120417

Okay! :) Hi! I did a few changes to the design..just a bit. I kept the middle ones the same, but changed the dogs to be laying down in a more defensive posture. I made the middle into something alike to a child too..and added a more symmetrical design to the outter parts.

Cleaned it up too. Added more colours as well. Hows this look?
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 12 2013 2:37am

about your design...

Actually, I wnat to rethink my previous comment. Remember, I really like your design, there is only some things that I'd rather be different. So, my suggestion would be not to focus on re-doing the design itself, but rather try to fine-tune it in terms of the filling of the parts and the color accents, so that happiness and joy are reflected from the design and it sends a positive message. Mostly, I'd focus on taking away some of the agressiveness projected by the color red and the many angry faces. Here is where I would inject the colors from the mayan time-carrier and the hoichol designs... looking forward to your next post!
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 12 2013 2:31am


Hi! I might have misused the word symmetrical and caused your confusiĆ³n. What I meant more is that the design is proportionate and that there is symmetry among the different parts as well as balanced proportion. Here is what I found as symmetrical: well-proportioned, as a body or whole; regular in form or arrangement of corresponding parts (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/symmetrical). So, although the design you linked to seems to have parts that step outside of the "regular" geommetrical boundaries of the shape ittself as a whole, I do believe it to be well-proportioned as a whole. I would definately love something similar to that design (except for the red), which is actually very similar to your design. But as always, I keep an open mind and let you inject your own imagination and creativity
September 11 2013 11:04pm


So you would like something symmetrical? or something alike to this http://tattoowoo.com/images/haida_half_sleeve__tattoo_20.jpg
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 6 2013 3:50am

more guidelines


I just wrote some feedback and guidedance to another designer that is finishing up his/her design and decided that out of fairness I should tell you what I told him/her. But before that, I want to answer your questions:

1. the huichol images you put in the links are just what I meant, but more like accents to the design in terms of colors and filling

2. Yep, I'd love it if you use some similar colors to those of the mayan time carrier images I posted in the contest images

Now, the feedback (specific to your design and the further guidance I gave to the other designer:

To me it seems a bit disproporcionate at the top at the top of the dolphin and therefore a bit crooked towards the side of the elephant. I believe that most importantly the design must be symmetrical and proportionate in terms of the occupied (inked) and empty space. I dont want either a block of ink or too much space inbetween the different parts so that it still remains a whole design made up of various parts.

About colors, I love the accents that you have put in the design, but in this case I would try to avoid red and would rather go for brighter, happier color accents, because red always make things look more aggressive and angry, and what I want is happy.

I also think that in the filling of holes, the huichol and mayan accents could give much more originality and identity to the design.

About the shape, although the shape of your designs seems to be very good, here is some links I sent to the other designer:

1. similar shape but I would want it to be more colorful: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9ekmcs5cEVo/UQjYNgpzlhI/AAAAAAAAKVs/LJXOBjfGAEw/s320/haida+tattoo+design+ideas+photos+images+pictures+(1).jpeg

2. also similar shape, especially the bottom, where I would want the dogs to be lying down forming the base and the elephant and dolphin in more of a circular shape, protecting the baby sphered in the middle: http://tattoowoo.com/images/haida_half_sleeve__tattoo_20.jpg

3. the design could also be a bit more curved such as this one: http://tattoojoy.com/tattoo-designs/var/resizes/Haida-Tattoos/haida-style-tattoo.JPG?m#

4. I'd love for it to go a bit higher on the shoulder, a bit towards the back and to the chest if possible such as in this design: http://www.flixya.com/files-photo/t/a/t/tattoogallery-1971338.jpg

I hope this helps!
September 4 2013 9:41am




found those to images when I googled huicholes
September 4 2013 9:37am


Oh, I dont mind at all making the necessary changes you'd like to make this perfect! :) Im open to make the changes! Do you want something alike to the Mayan time carrier image in terms of colours?
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 4 2013 4:07am

feedback from my wife...


I know that we still have some work to do before we get to a perfect design. However, I showed your design to my wife (and the ones from the other artists also) and she liked your design but found it a bit dark, aggressive and "skeletony" with all those "angry faces" all over the place. I told her that it was just what you drafted based on the designs I suggested as guidelines and that we would still work on it to injet more color into it and change some of the content for something happier. This is where I think the influence from the prehispanic art might come into play. However, I want to ask you if you are ok with going in this direction once the contest is over or if you wouldn't want to do that? because if you'd rather leave things pretty much the way they are, it could be that I ask another artist if they are willing to go in this direction... please let me know and hopefully we can come to an understanding because I would love to keep working with you on perfectionating your design... thanks!
September 2 2013 5:14pm


That works for me! Thanks!
smashing79     Contest Holder
September 2 2013 3:41am

contest extension

Hi, I extended the contest to let others finish up their designs, but if I see that by the end of the week I get nothing worth letting the contest keep running, then I'll end it on friday and we finish your design up together, sounds good?
August 31 2013 2:26pm


In the meantime, Ill clean up the other designs, except the middle area. :) Ill have something for you this evening.
August 31 2013 7:31am


smashing79     Contest Holder
August 31 2013 1:14am


Ok but would you be ok with me extending the contest to let others finish their work?
August 30 2013 11:29pm


Thank you so much! :) We can figure out the center of it! It will be no issue at all to make changes!
smashing79     Contest Holder
August 30 2013 1:59pm

About design selection

Great! So that we'll do!
August 30 2013 8:09am


After the contest is over, if you pick my design, it goes to the transfer page. We will have about seven days to work out the design to perfection. It'll just be a one on one conversation. :)
smashing79     Contest Holder
August 30 2013 5:58am

More colors... Very nice!

Yeah, it looks great! I am not sure about the center yet but I love the colors you added. Is there a way to extend the contest or for us to keep working on your design specifically?
August 29 2013 7:11pm

No Subject

Submitted design #117965

:) Added colours. A golden yellow and a sea green. When I googled Haida colours. Those two colours, also green, came up with some of the images that showed up. Hows this look so far? I can go ahead and clean it up if this looks good!
smashing79     Contest Holder
August 28 2013 11:30pm

About the baby...

Thanks so much for the design! I love it, would just want a bit more color and not just black and red. I have also found out the star sign of the baby will be Pisces so maybe that can give you more direction
August 28 2013 11:01pm

No Subject

Submitted design #117802

Fleshed out the design more, and added background designs on it! Hows this look? Im still trying to figure out the middle one though
August 28 2013 9:56pm

Middle design

For the design in the middle. Did you want the exact image you provided in the sample design you did? or doyou want something to represent the new baby?
smashing79     Contest Holder
August 28 2013 12:39am

Another comment

The only thing I didn't like was a detail with the dogs, the pointy ears look a bit like horns, so maybe rather have the ears facing downwards. Thanks!
smashing79     Contest Holder
August 28 2013 12:36am

About sketch


Thanks so much for the design! Yeah that goes in the direction of what I am looking for, however I want something a bit more abstract and with more influence of the Haida designs as well as the huichol and Mayan art maybe some background that gives the figures a bit of camouflage so that they become a bit lost within the design, so to say.
August 27 2013 4:24pm


Submitted design #117614

I sketched out a layout for the design! Its a bit different than the traditional designs. Maybe more 3D but still that same style I wanted to make the elephante look like it is protecting the central figure (the baby?) same with the dolphin. Making that look like it swimming down and curving around the baby. The two dogs are facing towards the center in a protective manner.

Im trying to figure out how to fill up the spaces between ..but ..this is what I got so far! its a bit messy sketch
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