Forgiveness Butterfly | Blue Butterfly #161988

Forgiveness Butterfly

Designs by: Scarletwisker


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Entry : #161988

Blue Butterfly

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Forgiveness Butterfly - Blue Butterfly
Forgiveness Butterfly - Side view
Forgiveness Butterfly - Black
Forgiveness Butterfly - Rainbow


sdtat     Contest Holder
June 22 2014 12:41pm

Thank you

I will let you know. I can pretty much imagine what'll look like with the words to the side...but if I need to see it I'll send you a note.
June 21 2014 10:22pm


I am glad! Keep me updated if I can do anything else later.
sdtat     Contest Holder
June 20 2014 7:17pm


I really like that one.....not certain about the words going around the butterfly. Thinking maybe a sentence in front of it. But don't worry about changes right now. I really like it. I will let you know if I decide I want that instead. Thank you!
June 20 2014 6:33pm

Blue Butterfly

Submitted design #161988

Is this better? want anything added or changed?
June 20 2014 2:47pm

I get it!

Oh, I get what you are saying. I thought you saw this blue butterfly in Google search or something.
I will give it another try.
sdtat     Contest Holder
June 19 2014 11:32am

I cannot copy/paste the blue butterfly

but it states that you are the artist - so it is one of your designs. I just did a search in the marketplace under blue butterfly and saw that. Hope that helps....
June 19 2014 11:20am

Blue butterfly

could you post a picture of this blue butterfly you like?
sdtat     Contest Holder
June 19 2014 7:08am

Just looked at some otter designs of yours

There is a blue butterfly I saw. I like that style...anyway to have it be a bit more like that?
sdtat     Contest Holder
June 18 2014 6:27pm

Submission 161640

LOL - the legs make it look more 'buggy' - I prefer not to have them, but that is something I can remove.

I definitely like the side view better than the other view.
June 18 2014 5:01pm

Side view

Submitted design #161640

Ok, I redid the design and made a side view. I can leave the full out or change any colors. If you don't like the legs I can remove them or any other suggestions you have. Feel free to be open!
sdtat     Contest Holder
June 18 2014 3:50pm

Submissions #161625 and 161624

I like the writing on them and the writing style. I like the black better - but not by much.

Would it be possible to have the butterfly be from the side - like it is landing on something? Thanks!
June 18 2014 3:37pm

No Subject

Submitted design #161625

June 18 2014 3:36pm


Submitted design #161624

I have a design here in rainbow colors and I will post it in just black. Let me know what you like and don't like, I will make changes if you provide the feedback.
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